Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lamb 1 Interview

Rebekah gave me the idea that when her children turn 3 they get to stay up late with mom and dad and have a "cocktail" on their birthday.
Lamb 1's birthday was on a Saturday night this year and that wasn't going to work for a pastor's family. I decided to start this tradition on their baptism anniversary. I don't know what we'll do when a baptism anniversary is on a Saturday night, but it works this year. We liked having something special on a different day than the birthday with it's own traditions and excitement.
Lamb 1 chose pineapple juice for his "cocktail". The other Lambs did not have a nap so it was pretty easy to get them to stay in bed while Lamb 1 had his time with Ram and Ewe.
I began by asking what he wanted to talk about-since we had never done this before, he had no idea. So we asked him some questions. Here is some of the interview:
What is your favorite movie? Charlotte's Web (He was shocked to find out this was a book before a movie-wondered if it was a 96 page book like the 96 minute movie)
What is your favorite book? No favorite, just like to read and be read to. (Frances books are pretty popular with Lamb 1 now.)
What was your favorite event last year when you were 6? When Grandpa and Grandma came for Thanksgiving. (We also went to CA and IN and St. Louis. This answer shows that Lamb 1 really does like to stay at home and play with his own toys. Thanksgiving was nice because Ram had recovered from his surgery.)
What are you thankful for? All the grandparents especially because they give me birthday cards.
What do you like to cook or do when you help cook? Make pizza, stir things on the stove.
Do you like being the oldest or do you wish you were born a different place in the family? I like being the oldest.

We also spent some time talking about a concert that we are getting ready to go to so Lamb 1 would be prepared what to expect at the orchestra. Hopefully I'll blog about that soon. We also discussed what names Lamb 1 would like for the baby, sorry to say that I don't like his names! He chose names that were on his math paper that day.
The other Lambs are looking forward to their baptism birthdays and cocktails with mom and dad. Poor Lamb 2 has to wait almost 2 more months for his birthday and even longer for his baptism birthday! It will be interesting to hear Lamb 2 and 3's answers!

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Rebekah said...

I love the birthday interviews. The kids' brains are so weird. :D