Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lamb 3's birthday

I never posted photos from Lamb 3's birthday on April 2.
With the loot presents from Great-Grandma and Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma says Lamb 3 is the most difficult to buy for...

Grandma gets everyone in the family a present to open so they don't feel left out. Lamb 1 got to work right away putting his Legos together. We don't have very many Duplos so Lamb 3's gift was nice. Ram and Ewe both received books.

Lamb 3 requested chocolate cupcakes-it took a few tries to blow out the candles. I think it took 3 tries which fit his birthday.

My stair step boys at the wedding reception

We had his birthday meal the next night. He loved helping to make pizza. There was some leftover cheese and I'm not sure if he liked the cheese or the pizza more. All 3 boys love having homemade pizza because it is the only time they are allowed pop. We do not make pizza every week. They like root beer so they can pretend they are having coffee or beer.

I'm not sure if Lamb 3 liked the hot ham/cheese sandwich or the chocolate cupcake at the wedding reception more. He ate all of that. He was a mess after the cupcake-thank goodness for good washing machines.

One of his presents (sorry no photo) was a Fisher Price record player just like mine when I was little. He calls it his CD player. He wasn't interested in it until he figured out he could put his little people on it and make them go around. Boys!

Hopefully I'll take a photo of him in his #3 shirt and post it soon.

Tonight we looked at photos of Lamb 1 and  2's 3rd birthdays. They had forgotten some of their previous birthdays. Lamb 2 didn't forget that he had a pink cake for his 3rd birthday. I didn't forget that I broke my foot carrying his birthday presents downstairs for his 3rd birthday!

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