Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Day

Lamb 3 turns 3 tomorrow.
His big deal recently was accomplishing potty training. He is also pretty good at talking. The other Lambs did not talk as well as early as he did. It surprises me when he says something like, "Mama, please open this for me and put it here." Not only can he talk, but he has good manners! Yesterday he played by himself inside while his brothers played outside (by his choice). He went and got a puzzle and did it all by himself. It was missing a piece so he looked all over for it and then asked me to move the sofa so he could have the last piece. He seemed like such a big boy to do all that without help from his brothers.
It took him a long time to answer what he wanted for his birthday meals. He is a very picky eater, but I'm not sure he knows the names of his favorite foods to answer what he wanted. Lamb 1 and 2 tried to influence him, but he had his own ideas. He finally answered that he wanted pancakes and sausage for brunch and pizza and chocolate cake for supper. We have a wedding reception to go to so he'll have to wait for his birthday meal until Sunday.
I'm a bad mom because I just can't get motivated to make a big deal of his birthday like I did for Lamb 1 last month. I started something by making little #7 flags for cupcakes for Lamb 1's birthday. Lamb 3 answered that he wants green flags. I haven't even taken the paper out to make the flags yet. I could use Lamb 4 as an excuse, but I'm not puking yet. Hopefully I'll get motivated today to make the cupcakes and #3 flags. Thank goodness Ram's mom takes care of the presents so I don't have to worry about that! She said Lamb 3 is the most difficult to buy for because he wears his brother's old clothes and plays with his brother's old toys. I am thankful that he is 3 so we are a little less concerned about choking on small toys now. It is really difficult for big brothers when there is a little brother, especially with toys like Legos. We'll have that experience again when Lamb 4 comes, but it will be nice to have a break from that for a few months.
Last year Lamb 3's birthday was on Good Friday, so I only posted a little about his birthday here. That link also has a link to his birth story. Lamb 3 showed me that I really can do a land birth after 2 water births. I had been worried about having a baby on April Fool's Day, but the midwife said I should be glad if he came out on the first induction try no matter what the date was. Thankfully he waited about 3 hours after midnight  so I didn't have an April Fool's baby. He still fooled everyone by coming so fast that the midwife wasn't at the hospital nor had they filled the tub for water birth. He's still small and just barely on the chart, but he's healthy and that is what matters.
Happy Birthday tomorrow, Lamb 3!

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