Friday, April 8, 2011

MN Orchestra Concert Part 3

Lamb 1 interview with Ewe's dad.

Lamb 1, did you enjoy the concert? Yes

With whom did you go? Mama

Was the sun shining when you went? Yes

What did you enjoy most about the trip? watching the concert

What did you not like? waiting for the concert to start

What music did you like best? Tchaikovsky

Did you meet the nice lady? no (The arts director that gave Lamb 2 permission to attend the concert, she introduced the orchestra, but we didn't talk to her.)

Did you meet any of the players? no-heard French horn soloist talk before concert

Did you have a treat during intermission? water-no treats

What did you tell Lamb 2 and 3 about it? drum was loud, I got to go to DQ and get a hot fudge sundae

Did you sleep on the way home? yes

Are you going to play in an orchestra some day? I don’t know. I want to play harp. At the concert the harp was not in the Tchaikovsky piece.

Grandma Joan and I are glad that you could go. Will you tell us about it at Easter when we come? If I remember by then.


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Anonymous said...

This interview by Grandpa made me think of something special that my parents did for our children. We are also a pastor's family and lived away from Grandparents. Because my children liked falling asleep listening to books on tape (there I'm dating myself) from the library my parents realized that they could create their own tapes for bedtime bonding time even though we were miles apart.

My dad orchestrated the tapes and included stories that he read from library books (mother enjoyed choosing the books at their library), mixing in songs that were popular children's songs from many generations, jokes, and the like. My kids especially enjoyed hearing Grandpa interview his sister, telling funny stories about his childhood, and hearing him tell stories about their mom (me!) when I was a child. When he finished the tapes he made a copy for each child so they could have their own collection. Often he had a theme for the tape; just thinking of them brings tears to my eyes. My mother is gone ahead to heaven and my father's memory is diminished. Those tapes are priceless to me.

Someday I hope to do the same for my grandchidren. I guess I'd better plan on digital recordings; something tells me the cassette player era is gone.

Ewe said...

I don't know who you are, but what a great idea! My parents taped my sister and I a few times when we were little-also telling us stories. My dad recently put those tapes on CDs. If you still have those tapes, please transfer them to CDs before they are lost forever.
I've been begging my dad to write down stories, my mom doesn't have the greatest memory for childhood events, but my dad could do this. Last year for my birthday I asked him to write a story almost daily and give it to me for the next birthday. Perhaps he'll read this comment and get to work-he has half a year until my birthday!