Saturday, April 9, 2011

MN Orchestra Concert Part 4

In 2008, MN voted and it passed to fund the Clean water land and legacy amendment. This meant a sales tax increase. I was not in favor of this and I did not vote for this. Among other reasons, I did not like this amendment because whose definition of "the arts" would this money go for? In a way, I thought it was crazy to vote to have a sales tax increase-if this was important they should find the money in the current budget and not increase our taxes. I'm not complaining too much because we have no sales tax on food or clothing/shoes in MN. Plus we live near the border so we often shop in ND or SD.
Since this amendment passed, we have really benefited in our rural area. Here are some of the benefits our family has taken advantage of:
*April 5, 2011 MN Orchestra concert
*August 2010 Ewe took bus tour to Walnut Grove, MN (completely free trip)
*May 2010 Douglas Wood, children's author visit
*April 2010 Nancy Carlson, children's author visit
It's possible there are more that our family has attended that I didn't realize were funded by this Legacy Amendment. There have been other events that our schedule didn't work to attend. I'm sure that without this the MN Orchestra would not have come to our rural area. I'm so glad that the Legacy Amendment money is being used in the rural areas too, not just for the cities in MN.

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