Friday, April 15, 2011

Tax Day

I had all our info together to send to our tax lady earlier than I ever have. I think we mailed it to her on February 14. I have to get everything together, but then we send the info to a wonderful tax preparer in Fort Wayne that specializes in church workers. Church workers get a little complicated and we appreciate their  knowledge if we would ever be audited.
We received a nice refund from both the state and federal. Federal was a few hundred more than what we had paid in estimated tax through the year. So I consider that we received a few hundred more than we already paid in-not that we received a huge federal refund.
This was the first year our tax preparer had mandatory e-file and we also got our info in so early that we received our state refund several weeks ago and our federal refund a few weeks ago. It was nice to deposit the federal refund in savings to be ready to pay estimated tax each quarter this year. The state refund will probably be used to pay for the rise in gas prices. I was thankful that we didn't have to pay. I had been worried because Ram had received disability pay above his regular salary. It's nice to have those checks deposited in the bank when others are paying their taxes today!
I enjoy reporting what our taxes show about each year here. Here's the 2010 report:
Vehicle: We traded in our minivan for another minivan very similar to the old one with less miles in October.
Medical: This was a huge medical year but insurance was very good to us.
Medical miles driven: 4461
Medical dollars spent out of our pocket: $6194
Ewe had a miscarriage in February.
Lamb 1 got more caps on his teeth in April.
Lamb 2 had his first filling in September.
Ewe had testing to see why she had some miscarriages.
Ram had lots of testing in the summer to find out why his blood work at his regular physical came back abnormal.
Ram had surgery at Mayo to remove one kidney and a benign mass the size of a football.
Ewe got new glasses.
Ram as a pastor: Ram did 3 funerals (there were other funerals but he was recovering from surgery or on vacation). 1 baptism.
Ram processed in with the pastors for the installation of LCMS including Rev. Harrison in Saint Louis in September.
Ram was a LCMS Synodical Convention delegate to Houston in July.
Ram did not attend any other conventions out of state this year.
Ram received disability pay while he recovered from his surgery in the fall.
Ram drove 5980 miles for the church.

You could compare 2010 to 2009 for our family here.
How did your taxes turn out this year? Refund or owe? Better or worse than last year?


Kenneth said...

Our first year with our pint-sized deduction = nice refund. (If this were Facebook, I'd be saying LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!!)

Kenneth said...

PS- this is Kristy, not Ken commenting. He's the one logged into Google.

Joelle said...

Matt's a CPA, but we haven't filed yet - oops! We actually have until Monday because there is some sort of holiday in DC today. So it is extended until Monday. We get a HUGE refund due to the changing of the adoption credit. Before you could only take up to a certain amount (based on what you paid in or owed???), but not they let you take it all at once! It took us 3 years to get all the $ for A. Now we are getting a HUGE amount back for T. Mostly going into savings - an emergency acct. But we will spend some on new flooring downstairs because the carpet is coming up in several places and the vinyl has holes in it all over the place. Anyways - you would think we would have done this back in Feb. - oh well!