Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freezer organization

After 8 years of living here, this year I began keeping a list of what is in my freezer. I intended to add to the list when I came home from the grocery and take off of the list when I used something. That didn't go so well. We usually are exhausted when we get home from the grocery run 1 1/2 hours away and hurry to get the cold stuff away and forget to add to the list. Also I had 2 lists, one upstairs freezer and one chest freezer in the basement. I think it would be easier to update if we only had one list. Sometimes I sent Lamb 1 down to get something that I knew was on the top of the freezer and he didn't cross off the list what he used. Sometimes I was in a hurry and grabbed something without crossing off the list. Friday night I cleaned out the freezer again and attempted to update the list after a couple of months. This was a good time to do that because we are hoping for a Costco run in July. It's also much easier to see what we need when the local grocery store has sales-I don't need any more chicken but some ribs to make borscht would be good. We don't buy much meat besides chicken and hamburger as our members are generous at Christmas time. So it was good to see what meat was left half way through the year for us to ration the pork chops and roasts until Christmas. Also to see what veggies we have left from the garden from last year that would be good to use before we get more from this year's garden-the zucchini and tomatoes are all gone, but we have a little yellow squash and corn left.
I found some turkey and turkey broth and yellow squash in the freezer. So when I was done with the organization, I brought those upstairs and dumped them in the crockpot and turned it on low. I added a little water and Ram was kind enough to cut up some onions and carrots and celery for the soup. It cooked on low while we slept and for lunch today we had delicious turkey soup. Picking the bones and making broth after Thanksgiving was worth it to have a meal made that was that simple today.
Being organized is really a necessary part of living rural, living frugally, and taking advantage of the blessings from our garden and our members. I am going to try again to keep the list up to date. I am just having one list this time and keeping the list upstairs. Hopefully I will do better at using what is in my freezer before we get more from our garden.

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