Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sewing part 2

The Lambs had pajamas that were camouflage material in the sizes 18 month, 2T, and 4T. There was a short time that all 3 wore them. The Lambs would wear these shirts on opening deer hunting day each year. Lamb 1 was very sad when he outgrew his. It was worse because Lamb 2 and 3 had some but he didn't. Cabelas sold shirts, but not pajama bottoms after the toddler size. I bought Lamb 1 a t-shirt in camouflage material last year. He liked it, but was sad he didn't have pajama bottoms. One day he suggested that I sew him some pajamas.
So I looked at the store and camouflage material is licensed so it is expensive, but I finally plunged into the project and bought a simple pattern and material. I bought it a couple of months ago and it sat here. I finally cut it out on Tuesday.
Then I got a little panicked about it-I hadn't used my grandma's machine since I was a child. I hadn't ever sewed without my mom in the same town. (Sewing in college doesn't count because I had a very simple machine and did very simple projects.) Even when I owned my own home, I could always run across town if I got stuck and ask her. I wasn't nervous about sewing, I was nervous about threading the bobbin and using the machine. We live 1 1/2 hours away from a sewing machine repair shop. What if it needed to be serviced? Lamb 1 was so excited about getting new pajamas. Could I really do this?
I was surprised that the memories of sewing on that machine came right back to me over 25 years later. I didn't even need to look at the book to thread the machine.
So I made the basic seams and then I put the Lambs to bed and put the elastic in and hemmed the bottom of the pants legs. The whole project was easy and didn't really take that long.

 He is wearing his old t-shirt. The pants turned out a little baggy in the thighs, but overall I was pleased with them. He should be able to wear these for awhile and not outgrow them right away. All pants that I buy for him are too big in the waist-this was better because we could make it exactly for his waist.
Lamb 1 wasn't thrilled with them, but I think he was just glad that I took the time to do something just for him. His first question was if he could wear them outside as he wants to pretend to be a hunter. The second question was where the tag was. The third question was if they were machine washable. He was sad that they are pajamas that he can't wear outside (although at the price of the material, maybe I should let him!). He was glad they are machine washable.
I always imagined myself sewing cute dresses in toddler sizes. Sewing for boys is fun too! I have a feeling that it won't be long before Lamb 2 and 3 are requesting their own camouflage pajama bottoms.

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