Monday, June 13, 2011

MN Authors

I never read Betsy and Tacy books when I was little. I checked a few out of the library (our library didn't have any so I had to interlibrary loan them!) and have been enjoying some quick reads. I'm not sure about the Lambs enjoying these girl books. I may read at least the first book to them because the author's hometown is Mankato, MN. Then while I was searching for info about hours to tour the Betsy and Tacy houses, then I discovered that Wanda Gag is from New Ulm, MN, which is not far from Mankato. I read Wanda Gag's books to my students in the classroom and our boys have almost worn our ABC Bunny book out.
Last year I was able to go to Walnut Grove and see the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites there. I still want to get to DeSmet, SD and see those Laura Ingalls Wilder sites.
We are very busy in June, but perhaps in July we can take a few days to go some of these places. It is always a possibility that Ram will receive a Call somewhere else. I don't want to regret not going to some of these places when they were just a few hours away now. Perhaps the Lambs are too young to really enjoy or understand these author's homes, but maybe just the memory and photos of going there now will be enough if we aren't able to go again when they are older.
Do you know any other historical sites in MN that our family shouldn't miss? I think it is interesting that all these authors are from southern MN. That there has been money to restore their homes and give tours is even better!

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Glenda said...

And of course you would be staying with me when you visit the Betsy Tacy houses (which btw, we've not been too either!) and the Wanda Gag home!

Have you been to Pipestone and seen the Indian things? You're boys would have fun there. Check out the MN historical society which lists all sorts of neat places to visit. Another neat one we've been to is south of Rochester - Harmony with the cave and historic Forrestville -both very fun.