Monday, June 27, 2011

Overheard the Lambs...

1. Lamb 1's tattles have recently been like this. "Mama, Lamb 2 broke the 4th commandment!" "Mama, Lamb 3 broke the 8th commandment!" No details in the tattle other than that... How am I supposed to deal with those kinds of tattles without laughing?
2. The Lambs are playing cars and their play cars are going to the same town as Ram is going to a conference (Doxology).
3. We have been reading about insects for the past couple of months for our science study. The Lambs spend a lot of time playing with their plastic insects and other animals and looking for caterpillars etc. outside. They are allowed to choose a few toys to sleep with each night. Lamb 1 was upset the other night because he couldn't find the right insects for his plastic grasshopper to eat. They were supposed to be sleeping but Lamb 1 had his insects eat the other insects.

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Sue said...

I love the tattles! At least he knows his commandments. For some reason that reminds me of years ago hearing my younger son tattle on his brother: "He's looking at me!" My response was always, "How do you know?" He didn't like that. Older brother now claims he never did that on purpose, but somehow I don't believe that - younger brother had major pushable buttons!