Friday, June 3, 2011

Stuart Little

We just completed our first chapter book read aloud as a family. We read Stuart Little. All the Lambs were finally old enough to pay attention to a few chapters a day and remember what we read before on the next day. Ram did the reading and Lamb 1 could have listened to the whole book in one sitting, Lamb 2 listened well too as long as we only read one or two chapters, and Lamb 3 did ok listening for a 3 year old.
I remembered seeing the movie in the theatre about 10 years ago and all I remembered was the movie was one of the rare movies that I thought was better than the book. I also remembered that the movie was very different from the book.
This afternoon we had a movie afternoon. We turned on the air conditioner, popped popcorn, put root beer in cups that wouldn't spill on the living room carpet, and popped in Stuart Little DVD. The Lambs were so excited to hear the popcorn popper. We did this in the afternoon in the hopes of putting the Lambs to bed on time if not early.
Lamb 1 was glued to the TV for the entire movie. Lamb 3 got bored, but laid on the sofa and made it through the whole movie. Wow was there a difference between seeing the movie in the theatre before kids and seeing it in my home with my kids! Lamb 2 got completely freaked out and cried through some of the movie. He was so afraid that Stuart (a mouse) would be eaten by the cats. I continually told him that Stuart would be ok and Ram held him for most of the movie and we made it through.
I asked them afterwards and Lamb 1 liked the movie best. Lamb 2 and 3 liked the book best. Hopefully they have memories of a fun afternoon as a family watching a movie with pop and popcorn instead of memories of being freaked out by the movie!
1. We hope to continue chapter books read aloud as a family.
2. Perhaps our next book choice should be one that I don't know is made into a movie.
3. The next movie that we watch as a family, will be previewed by Ram or Ewe before the Lambs get to watch it.
Lambs enjoying root beer and popcorn while watching
Stuart Little at our home theatre.

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