Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away-Updated daily

Come again another day.
Lamb 1 and 2 want to play.

Possible soccer: 8
Soccer held: 5
Soccer is done, we skipped the last practice because of excessive heat. Two practices were canceled because of cold/rain.

Possible swim lessons: 9
Swim lessons held: 6
Swim lessons should be done but we have 3 lessons to make up. The first make up day was July 1, but it was canceled because of rain. Next week more rain is predicted so I don't know when they will make up those 3 lessons.

Lamb 1 is a grouch because his plans have been canceled and he can't go outside. He NEEDS outside time daily, preferably sunshine too. It has been so cool that our garden has not grown well. I haven't hung clothes on the line for several days. The weather forecast makes it doubtful that they will have any swim this week. Then we need to work with rescheduling swim in July. The whole reason we signed up for soccer and swim in June was so that we could have a restful July not going any where. Sigh.

*I'm blogging about this to remind myself when it is 100 degrees and not raining for days later this summer.

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