Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doxology Trip Day 2

Even though we were in late the night before, we were up early to do some shopping in the Saint Louis area while we had a chance. We began at Target getting Starbucks and a few treats for the Lambs. Then we had to go here...
I know that this was the beginning of the Borders Going out of Business Sale and that the prices weren't that good. But it was a chance to go book shopping! It has been over 7 years since both Ram and Ewe went to a new book store to shop at the same time. Usually one watches the Lambs while one shops and then we switch. Unfortunately there was a family with one small brat child and I still felt like I had a child along. There were a few times where I just couldn't help myself and I tried to distract the child and it helped her to stop whining for a little bit. We picked up more treats for the Lambs and a few things for homeschool and even got some Smencils like Jan recommended. Everything was at least 25% off and we didn't have to pay shipping so we got decent prices if not a great sale.
Next we went to Cracker Barrel and had a nice lunch. It was so nice to eat the whole meal without taking anyone to the bathroom and to eat my whole meal without sharing anything off my plate.
Next we went to the Seminary bookstore. Ram had not spent very much of his "allowance" for theology books this year so I helped him do that. Then we discovered their "free books". So of course we had to check that section out and had a few good finds there too.

Then we checked out Concordia Historical Institute.  I felt like I should read everything since we didn't have Lambs along, but we really didn't have much time. I was very glad to see CHI even though we didn't spend long there. We remarked how empty the campus looked as compared to being there last September for the installation service.
Next we went to Costco for a few items because I wanted something that was only on sale until Sunday. Our time was very limited by this point. I got a huge bag of baking soda (for laundry) and as we were leaving I realized there was a hole in it. I ran to replace it. After driving through traffic we arrived at Doxology right on time. After we sat down for the first session I realized that Ram had baking soda on his dark colored shirt!
Doxology began at 3pm and they kept us busy for three days. Dr. Kleinig began with a great session on the Family Altar. I learned a lot at this session and we were challenged to rekindle the family altar in our own homes and the homes of our church members. We want to pass on this heritage of faith. Then we had Vespers and it was marvelous to worship with all those Lutherans! After dinner we had time to break into small groups. Our group ended up being 3 couples all from MN in small parishes that are either dual or triple. It was nice to share together. Then there was an ice cream social and after dinner with apple pie I wasn't even hungry, but I couldn't turn down ice cream. We returned to our hotel tired but knowing the next day was going to be wonderful.

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