Monday, August 22, 2011

Doxology Grand Reunion

The title for the Doxology session where the wives attend with their husbands is called "The Grand Reunion". Oh, was it ever a grand reunion for me! There were many friends I hadn't seen for several years. 
This photo is for Cheryl . Cheryl's husband was the cantor for all of our worship services at Doxology. Ram and I also had a chance to talk to him for a little while at the hotel one morning. It is nice to talk to a fellow Looper dad. The music was excellent at Doxology.

These are the parents of a blog friend that I've never met. Hopefully one day I'll meet Kristen too.

Suzan, one of my new Doxology friends. She is a pastor's wife in rural CO. We had many conversations of things we had in common over the few days of Doxology.

Sarah and Preston, my CUW friends. I hadn't seen them since we moved to MN. They also live in MN but in a complete different part of the state-probably 6 hours away. 

This is Teresa, a pastor's wife in the same circuit as us. One of her husband's churches is closer to one of Ram's churches than to the second of her husband's churches. 

This is the pastor and his wife of my sister's former church in SC. Evelyn became a second mom to my sister. My sister is very close to the Burgers. I had never met them before Doxology. They had never been away from their children before either. I'm so glad they were able to come to Doxology and I was able to meet them.

I believe these were all the female Loopers at Doxology
Ewe, Glenda, Beth Speers
(Glenda forgot her camera so some of these photos are posted for her)

I had been reading this blog for awhile. It was so nice to meet  Emommy! Emommy is expecting her first girl. I had some girl items here and decided to pass them on to someone who could use them instead of sit in a box. It was embarrassing to have so many girl items when I've never had a girl before! She was thrilled to receive baby girl clothes-after 2 boys they are going to have fun with dresses/pink/other girly items!

Adriane, the editor of Lutheran Witness. We had a nice chat over lunch one day of Doxology. We talked about what our members would like to see in Lutheran Witness. Who knows, maybe after our lunch Ram will be asked to write an article? Adriane came just to participate in Doxology and be a journalist. It was wonderful to have her give up her weekend and participate with us. 

This is Jennifer, one of my close CUW friends. Seeing each other at Doxology saved at least one several hour phone call, but we still talk on the phone a few times a year and those talks turn into several hour talks. Saturday was her 17th wedding anniversary. I went to her wedding. I'm having a difficult time accepting that was 17 years ago. 

Our LCMS President, Pastor and Kathy Harrison, joined us for the whole weekend. We took this photo after church on Saturday night. There was a wine and cheese reception after church. I walked back to the reception with the Harrisons and then we waited in line to get our treats together. From our conversation I could tell the weekend was as good for the Harrisons as it was for the Doxology participants. Everyone in the Synodical office is working so hard-17 hour days are the norm. It was so good to spend the weekend together as a couple away from other responsibilities. I was glad to get the chance to speak to them together on Saturday night. It was also a good reminder to continue to keep the Harrisons, their marriage, and their boys in our prayers.

There were others that I didn't get a photo, but it was fun to see again. Rev. Juhl, the Uttenreithers, and other Seminary friends.

So LCMS friends, in this small LCMS world, who do you know in these photos?


The Mama said...

My parents are friends with Kurt and Suzie!

Anonymous said...

The Burgers are FANTASTIC. It's great seeing their smiling faces. Their church was our home away from home while Charlie was in Columbia for two months for Naval Chaplaincy school. Their kids are adorable too, so I can understand why it would be hard to leave them, but it's great that they were able to get away. If anyone is in any sort of driving distance of Columbia, SC, I cannot recommend Pastor Burger's church highly enough.

Susan Mallie

Glenda said...

Oh thanks so much for posting the photos! It was so nice to re-live all the smiling faces. It was indeed a grand reunion, one we hope to return to in future years!

Joelle said...

I know Jennifer and I know Preston's wife? She looks familiar, but I can't think of her maiden name...or maybe I don't know her??

Becky said...

Hello Jesus's Little Lamb. I don't know your name, but I love the name of your blog -- that's what caught my eye from Sue's blog (I don't know her name either, but she reads my Pastor's blog - I am Emommy's aunt, and when I saw your post about Doxology, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her in a photo. What a nice surprise to see her smiling face. Isn't she terrific?! As you can imagine, the family is eager to meet their baby girl when she is born later this year. Thanks for your nice blog. I enjoyed it.

Emommy's Aunt Becky
I'm at

Kristen said...

How fun to see a picture of you with my parents! They told me they met you. I'm so glad that Doxology was created to encourage pastors and their spouses. I'm hopeful to meet you too, someday...

Cheryl said...

Ewe, with moving my oldest to college last week I have been behind in my blog reading. Thanks for the picture of my husband and all the rest as well! Wish I could have been there! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.