Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My weekend plans

Ram and I are going away without the boys for the first time in over 7 years-longer if you count my pregnancy with Lamb 1. We leave early in the morning and will come back on Monday. Packing for just myself was so easy! It will be so nice to travel tomorrow without any interruptions in our conversation and without stopping multiple times for bathroom breaks for one of the Lambs.
We asked the Loopers that are former Saint Louis residents for advice on where to eat dinner. After several suggestions most suggested The Spaghetti Factory. We have had a few dates to one local restaurant, a few dates in Fort Wayne when we visited my parents, but other than that we have never gone out without the boys.
I don't think anything could top being together with my beloved for 5 whole days, but there will be several friends there too. Two college friends (Leah and Jennifer), at least 2 Loopers with some other Loopers possible, one blog friend that I've never met in real life, one other local pastor here, and I'm sure there will be others that I know that I don't even know are going. Then on the way home we are going to stop to see another college friend (Karla) and we're trying to work out the details to stop and see the family of the flower girl from our wedding.
Where are we going? To Doxology. The first session was just for the pastor and Ram attended that in June. This session the pastor and his wife goes. The next session in February the pastor and some leaders from our tri-parish will go. Ram has only attended one session and he loved it. Others that have gone to the pastor/wife session have told me that I will love this. If you are LCMS, encourage your pastor to check out Doxology and help your pastor find a way financially and to take some time off to attend. Next year there are plans to have Doxology sessions in 3 different areas of the country.
We don't have a laptop or smart phone, but I'll be sure to take my camera and I'm sure I'll have lots to blog with you when I get back. We are so thankful to my parents for watching the Lambs, to the tri-parish for allowing us to attend, and to the Doxology leaders that organized this.

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Karen said...

Have a lovely time with your husband!