Monday, August 15, 2011

Lamb 2

I think Lamb 2 has been reading too many Mr. Small books by Lois Lenski. Yesterday I overheard him tell Lamb 3, "We're going to drive our automobile to the country."
We did drive our automobile to the country to a party with the area pastors. Everyone in our family enjoyed the evening with other pastors and their wives. Our Lambs were the only children. We grilled out but then it started to rain so we moved inside to eat. Then we roasted s'mores on a bonfire. On the way home Lamb 2 had a runny nose. I don't know if it was allergies from playing outside (grass, trees, and cornfield nearby), the bonfire, or playing with their dog. He woke up this morning complaining that he still didn't feel well. Perhaps it is a good thing that we only drive the automobile to the country for this party once a year.

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