Wednesday, August 3, 2011

National Watermelon Day

I don't know who makes up these crazy holidays, but it doesn't make any sense to me since the watermelon grown in this area is not even close to being ripe. This holiday should be in September, not August 3!
Watermelon is the only food that my mom does not like. She will eat it if it is in a fruit salad, but not plain. I grew up with watermelon as a treat once and awhile for my dad and us girls, but not bought often at our house.
In college I discovered that watermelon was good and worth more than a treat once or twice a year. For Lamb 2's first birthday we served watermelon. My parents and sister were visiting and all the adults cut up and gave him some watermelon. Lamb 2 didn't feel well that night. We thought maybe he was allergic to watermelon as it was the only new food for him. Then we counted up how much watermelon he ate and we knew he wasn't allergic, but a 1 year old should not eat 1/4 of a watermelon by himself!
We like the small watermelons from Costco so a few times a year we buy those. Other than that we rarely buy grocery store watermelon. I don't know the name, but our friends grow yellow flesh watermelon, but it is so sweet and good that it is worth waiting for it to be ripe and eat our fill each year!


Anonymous said...

Watermelon in the US is good, but it is AMAZING in Korea!!!! There are all different sizes, shapes, and colors here. It is expensive earlier in the year, but is now getting more reasonably priced. Once in a while, parents will bring it into school for a special treat for the teachers. Yummy!
I ALMOST went to a watermelon eating contest the other night, but the concert with it was canceled and we ended up traveling home (to Gwangju from Busan) a day earlier than originally planned.
If the lambs like melon there, they should visit their Auntie and try the watermelon here.
Ma-she-so-yo! (delicious) :)

Katy said...

"but it is so sweet and good that it is worth waiting for it to be ripe and eat our fill each year!"

Every summer I feel that about beans, corn, tomatoes, squash, lettuce, cherries, peaches. Why do I ever buy fresh produce in the winter? (But I always do!)