Saturday, August 27, 2011

A first for me

I don't think before yesterday I had ever walked out of a restaurant before I was served. Yesterday we went to DeSmet, SD to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites (a big blog post is eventually coming about that!). We waited until we were back in Watertown, SD to eat supper. It was almost 8pm and the Lambs did fantastic to not complain since they hadn't eaten since 10:30am. We tried a local sub shop but they were closed. Then we tried a local barbeque place but they weren't there any more. So we ended up at Applebees. We were seated right away. We waited and waited and no one came to take our order. Finally Ram spoke to an employee. We waited some more. We finally got up and left. The Lambs were quite confused since we hadn't even ordered yet. Where to go at 8pm when we're starving? We walked over to Culver's. It was very busy and Ram waited in line for awhile. He finally ordered and then we waited longer for them to deliver our food to our table. Drive up was even worse. We were finally done eating about 8:45pm. Then it was a mad dash to get to Starbucks, Target, and Menards before they closed. They were open longer than I thought so we made it to everything. We finally got home about 11pm after a very fun day.

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Sue said...

I hope you let Applebee's know about that! Usually service is very good and headquarters would be appalled this happened to you.