Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Ulm, MN 7/29/11

I am going to attempt to blog about some of our events the past few weeks. We were so busy in between trips that I didn't have time to blog about them. We went to see the Betsy Tacy homes the end of July. I did my research before our trip and I think we did nearly everything that was possible to do in New Ulm when we just had a few hours.

We drove to New Ulm on July 29. Our first stop was Schell's brewery. It was hot and we were sure the Lambs were not willing to take an hour tour. I thought that possibly there would be a bar where we could purchase beer and root beer for the Lambs, but they legally can't do that. The only way to get "samples" is to take the tour. We bought a few items at the gift shop and looked around the museum. They had peacocks outside which scared the Lambs with their noise.

Next my research said this park had a great playground. So we took the Lambs to play. The river was very high next to the park. Before we got out of the car we warned the Lambs to stay near the playground. Next to the park there was an old school house that had a "museum" for a group that is trying to save the river environment. We arrived shortly before closing time. A kind volunteer took the Lambs through the museum and showed them furs and other things to touch. They received some posters and other souvenirs. The volunteer was so excited to have out of town visitors that she was surprised that we just stayed for a short time. The Lambs were thinking about the playground some more plus they are too young to have much attention for a museum even when they are allowed to touch things. It worked out well because the museum was about to close any way. Then we were back to the playground. As we drove through town we discovered another playground that would have been better for the Lambs. But if we would have gone to the other playground then we wouldn't have gone to the river museum. The Lambs enjoyed the time to run around at the park after a long car ride.

Next we checked out this restaurant in a "town hall" as a possibility for supper. There were beautiful restored murals on the walls. This one reminded me of the hymn A Mighty Fortress. We decided to check out another place for supper.

We chose to eat at the Kaiserhoff and there were a few entrances, but we chose this one. There were 2 murals on the wall here. Ram and Ewe had a wonderful German meal, the Lambs had American kids meals. The Lambs had several samples off of Ram and Ewe's plates. We were too full for dessert, but I bet it was wonderful here. We were able to have Schell's beer and root beer with our meals.

We drove by the Wanda Gag house and took photos, but it is only open on Sundays as far as I could tell. A Sunday tour was not going to work for a pastor's family! Wanda Gag wrote children's books including Millions of Cats and ABC Bunny. The Gags had much influence on the architecture and art in New Ulm and it showed in other places we visited in New Ulm.

Before we left town we stopped to listen to the Glockenspiel. It was a little loud for the Lambs, but they did allow me to take one photo.

Then we drove to the home of one of our Looper friends. The adults had a nice chat while the Lambs and their children played outside. Unfortunately Lamb 2 fell on the driveway and skinned up his ear and cheek. We patched him up as best we could. The Mamas didn't plan too well as I had brought zucchini cupcakes and she had leftover birthday cake and ice cream. But the Lambs loved ALL the dessert. The adults stayed up and talked while the Lambs attempted to go to sleep in a strange place. It was really nice to have a visit with the Mumme family even if it was a short visit. The Lambs said visiting their kids was the favorite part of the two day trip. It helped that they had neat toys!

We got up and ate breakfast and attended Matins next door to their house. Then we were on our way to Mankato, MN to the Betsy Tacy homes.

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