Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good brothers

Tonight our church had a progressive supper. The first house some of the conversation was a family with older kids, two of the boys wanted to be together in a bedroom when they were given a choice during some remodeling a few years ago. Recently they changed their mind and the parents are scrambling to clean out an office so the two boys can be separated even after they had claimed they always wanted to be together.
Some friends remarked that it is good that we are getting a 5 bedroom house because even if they want to be together in a bedroom now it will not always be that way.
At the second house the Lambs played with some toys in the other room after they ate. When it was time to go the hostess joked that Lamb 2 could spend the night and she would bring him to church in the morning because he was in no hurry to go home. Lamb 3 got very upset, real tears, at the thought of Lamb 2 not coming home with us. Ram finally had to pick up Lamb 2 and carry him out to the car because Lamb 3 was so upset.
It was the most upset that we have seen Lamb 3 in a long time. He has grown up (he'll be 4 next month!) and no longer has tears for minor things. He was really worried that Lamb 2 might not come home with us. He even went over and tried to drag Lamb 2 out of the room.
I think it is going to be awhile before it would be acceptable for all 3 Lambs for one Lamb to sleep in another room! I think purchasing a bunk bed will be a good investment.

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Dakotapam said...

Our four boys shared a room for 2 years. We recently moved the two bigs to the basement, but if Dakotateen is away for a night for a camping trip or the like, Dakotatween (soon to also be a Dakotateen) will camp out in the "liitles'" room. My kids really do like to be together. If Owen is gone for a day, Ethan is literally lost. It as been this way since Owen began kindergarten. I imagine my girls will be even more intense.