Thursday, March 22, 2012

New house

I have lots to blog about and finally had time this morning but for some reason our internet didn't work. I will try to post photos soon.
Monday: We had complained that the dishwasher leaked and the builder said it was repaired. I was so surprised to open the door to a repairman with a new dishwasher. He had tried to fix it but couldn't so he ordered a new one for us. It was in and was it a good time to install it? The builder had lost track of what the request was and told him just to stop by our house to see if we were home. I would have felt bad if we hadn't been home when he came from a few towns over. Covered by warranty.
Tuesday: We went on a field trip to the aquarium with some Looper friends.
Wednesday: Our blinds were installed. One was broken (wouldn't go down all the way) so it will be reordered and they'll install a new one when it comes in.
Today: The builder turned on the furnace when he was building. Today we got our air ducts cleaned out. Covered by warranty.
We are still waiting for someone to come repair a broken shelf in our kitchen cupboards. We still would like to do some more things if we have the money-have custom built bookshelves built in the library, shelves built in the playroom closet, cupboards with glass doors built for my china, etc. Also we need to do something about our water both getting a water softener and for drinking. We were told the water is so hard without a water softener it ruins your dishwasher in 1 1/2 years. But I think I can finally say that we have all the necessary things done that the builder was responsible for. I can finally take a break from unpacking-instead of being necessary to get to windows or vents etc., I can unpack what I want to unpack in the order I want to unpack it.
I had no idea that buying a new house that was already built would involve all this. We have a 3 year warranty so this will continue for 3 years, hopefully not as much as this week. I just wonder if I worked outside of the home how in the world we would have gotten all these repairs/installing done, who would meet all these people?
Now that some of this is done it's time to start contacting people with our new address.

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