Wednesday, March 14, 2012

News from the new house

Saturday, March 10: Our church members came over and helped us move EVERYTHING in about 4 hours. It was amazing! We moved 20,000 lbs here, some was now in Ram's office and we had made several trips over to the new house ourselves. One lady was in charge of making sure the nice furniture was carefully packed and taken care of. She was more particular about this than I would have been. About a dozen people from church came to help us with several trucks and trailers. They loaded the garage in less than an hour where the majority of our boxes and all the book boxes were at. We formed a chain of people up the steps of our house and passed 88 book boxes up to the library. They hooked up our washer and dryer, cleaned the back of the refrigerator before plugging it in, and hooked up our TV/Blu Ray player. After they ate the pizza we ordered we made one more trip to the old house for some items that we forgot to pack. We slept in our beds in the new house on Saturday night.
Sunday and Monday I cleaned the old house. We went shopping as I had tried to use things up before moving.
Tuesday Lamb 3 had his turn to bring snacks to preschool. The letter of the week is K. I cut letter K out of cheese and he took K cheese and crackers.
Today we got internet hooked up and tonight Ram set up the computer so we're back in business. I had a few days of internet withdrawal and had over a 100 e-mails.
Tomorrow Lamb 3 is going to take green fruit kabobs for preschool snack as they celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I bought kiwi, pears, and apples. Later we thought of grapes but I wasn't going back to the store. Lamb 3 wanted bananas so they will be on there too even though they aren't green.
2 more days to finish unpacking and get things organized before our open house/house blessing on Saturday!


Helpful Teacher said...

Blessings on your new adventure!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are getting settled. Your organization is awesome. Praying for a continued smooth transition.