Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lamb 1!

We've been so busy getting ready to move to the new house that I felt like Lamb 1's celebration was sandwiched in between other events and phone calls!
Lamb 3 with new Duplo zoo truck
Lamb 2 with fishing boat (that he already owned but it won't hurt to have 2 boats, especially if he gets the harbor that he asked for his birthday)
Lamb 1 with Lego bank and armored car
Thursday night Ram's parents came to help celebrate. We opened presents from them and then went to eat at an Indian restaurant followed by Baskin Robbins for those that could fit ice cream in after a delicious meal. All the Lambs ate the Indian food well. We ordered just the right amount of food for everyone to share-we'll try to remember what we ordered for next time. I didn't take any pictures at the restaurant and only a few at the present opening. Lamb 1 also received a MP3 player and he has enjoyed "being in charge" of the music today. He also received a #8 shirt, see the blog sidebar for a photo. He received a lot of little gifts too. It was so difficult for the Lambs to open up presents but not be allowed to play with their new toys or put their Legos together that night.
Friday we went to the new house and Lamb 1 built his new Legos while Ewe worked and cleaned.
Sunday night we celebrated as a family. His supper request was homemade pizza made with pesto instead of tomato sauce. We have been so busy I offered to take him out to eat instead of cook supper but he really wanted homemade pizza. He requested pumpkin spice cake and I cheated a little and used a cake mix and a can of pumpkin and the cake turned out well. I didn't know what kind of frosting so I made a carmel frosting. He said it was good but he had hoped for white frosting. His cake was decorated with candles and truck decorations-no time to make #8 flags this year. That afternoon we shopped at Walmart and they were giving out balloons and cupcakes so his party even had balloons.

His breakfast request was monkey bread, I had to buy corn syrup for it as we don't have that in the house any more. I just told myself that at least I knew how much corn syrup and sugar was in it, unlike store bought monkey bread.

Then we opened up presents from Aunt Hannah. The change/money from Korea was a big hit for all 3 Lambs.

His lunch request was something our family calls hot colored bowls. There are bowls of rice, cheese, black beans, corn, and Rotel tomatoes. Each person in our family puts whatever they want on their plate. Lamb 1 doesn't like cheese so he has everything but that. Lamb 3 doesn't like tomatoes. Ram and Ewe have something from all 5 bowls.  I can't believe that out of all the foods we make this is Lamb 1's favorite lunch-it is actually something we have quite frequently. I got the idea from Loopers Jenny and Cheryl and modified it for my picky eaters.

This afternoon we Skyped with my sister and he received birthday cards from Ewe's parents and a church member in MN. My sister blogged about his present from her here. Later this afternoon we took a load to the new house and put away everything we took over there. Then we came home for leftover cake and the Lambs took baths. I think Lamb 1 had a good birthday even though our life is a little crazy right now. Maybe we can do something special for his baptism birthday-oh, I think that is during Holy Week this year.


Dakotapam said...

Happy birthday lamb1!

Dakotapam said...

I think I need your monkey bread recipe, I'm craving something sweet and sticky!

Katy said...

We make something like your hot bowls, except we call them haystacks and offer taco-seasoned ground beef, crushed tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, and chopped red and green pepper and onions (sometimes it just depends on what's in the house...). They're kind of like "taco-in-a-bag"