Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Letter writing

Rev. Weedon has been posting some letters he found from dear family members while he is cleaning out things getting ready to move.
I've moved a box around a few times since we moved to our new house. My dad wrote me a snail mail letter every weekday that I was in college. My classmates were a little jealous of that. They fill one small moving box. I don't want to get rid of them. After college when we got e-mail then he started writing one e-mail letter a day. We've changed computers and I don't have copies of all of the letters after college. But I still have my written copies from college.
What does dad put in these letters? Nothing special, mainly just telling every day happenings at their house, town, and church. It takes dad a long time to write these each day. But it is both a journal for him and helpful for his daughters. Since we live so far from home now (ID and HI) it is nice to hear what they are doing.
Rev. Weedon reminded me that I also have some treasured letters from my great aunts in one of those boxes in the garage. One of my goals in cleaning out and unpacking is to find some of those letters and organize them/scrapbook them.
Also, in today's electronic age, perhaps it would be a good idea to write a written copy more often. It is fun to look back like Rev. Weedon did. Another goal of mine is to organize/scrapbook some of these written letters from the last 8 years for the Lambs.

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