Sunday, September 16, 2012

Check this out

We have far too much stuff for only being married for 10 years. When we moved I really cleaned out things as I unpacked. Those items that weren't favorites of the Lambs or my favorites went into a giveaway pile. Then I went through that pile and tried to decide where a better home for those items would be. I have a friend that I have never met that collects Raggedy Ann and Andy items. So this is what I sent to her.

Mom, don't worry, I did keep my Raggedy Ann and Andy from my childhood, these were pretty new ones. Plus I'm not sure she wants my childhood ones, they didn't survive my childhood play very well.

The last few weeks in my "spare time" I did resume going through boxes from the garage. I made good headway on some boxes that hadn't been opened since they were packed a year ago. My give away pile grew again after just finding a new home for everything on Labor Day. The whole process is one box at a time, continually trying to empty boxes to make more room in the garage for a chest freezer and a bike for Lamb 3 in addition to just having more room in the garage. The Lambs were thrilled to see some of their toys again. Some of their toys went in the giveaway pile since no Lambs asked me about them or missed them while they were packed this last year. Also our church preschool is getting some nice items from when I taught in the classroom and some of the toys the Lambs outgrew for the two year old class.

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