Saturday, September 8, 2012

Light Bulb Moment

We moved in our new house in March. There were a few times that we used our front porch light. We looked everywhere we could think of and couldn't find the light switch for the lights on the garage. We noticed that our neighbors usually put their garage lights on when it became dark. At first I thought maybe we had boxes in front of the light switch. As we continued to unpack boxes, that wasn't the problem. I thought maybe they would come on automatically as you approached them, but that didn't work either.
Finally a few days ago Ram called our house builders and asked where the light switch was at for the garage lights. They responded that the lights were photo cell and should work automatically. Ben decided to try replacing the light bulbs. If that didn't work then he would put in an order to the house builders to replace the lights. We have a one year warranty so there would be no charge.
On Friday Ram replaced the light bulbs. It was near dusk time. Amazingly they worked right away! They come on at dusk and go off at dawn.
All of our rooms have overhead lights and the kitchen and bathrooms have several light bulbs and those two outside garage light bulbs are the first ones that Ram has replaced since we moved in in March. After living in a parsonage built in the 60's, this is very impressive to me.

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