Sunday, September 30, 2012

My weekend

On Friday Ram had a funeral in the late afternoon so he couldn't come home early to help me. I hurried to feed the Lambs supper because we had guests arriving at 6:30pm. We had a church member family over to play for a little while with the Lambs and then we served homemade ice cream. Their children are younger than the Lambs so they left pretty early. It was nice to get to know another family a little better.
Saturday Ram had a circuit forum at our church and he found out that he is not going to the 2013 Synodical convention as either pastoral delegate or alternate. I would have liked a trip to Saint Louis! Now we can begin 2013 vacation plans knowing that this is not a possibility to plan with or around.
Then we invited some of the nearby pastors and their families over to our house for a late BBB (Beer, Brats, Princess Bride Movie). We watched the first half of the movie, ate, and then most of the pastors had to go-for some reason pastors don't like to be out late on Saturday night. We plan to watch the second half of the movie next year. It was nice to get to know a few pastors and their wives.
I was glad they left relatively early so we could give baths and get the Lambs to bed on time. Lamb 1 has been especially grouchy the last week and needed the sleep. Then about 4 am Lamb 2 began throwing up. Between 4-6 am he was either throwing up or coming to my room panicking about being sick. I finally woke Ram about 6:15 and sent him for some 7-Up for Lamb 2. About 5am Lamb 1 woke up and begged to leave the room where the sick Lamb was. So he went to the guest room. Lamb 3 and Ram slept through all of that!
Ram had a busy morning of 2 services, Bible class, and Voter's Meeting. I slept as much as I could while Lamb 2 laid on the couch and watched his brothers play. Lamb 1 was very upset that I told him he couldn't play with his neighborhood friends-I didn't want to pass germs to them. Lamb 1 was upset about missing Sunday School and finding out where our offerings are going to go this year. Lamb 1 voted to send money for mosquito nets for children in Africa with malaria. Lamb 2 and 3 voted to send money to buy ducks and geese for families in Africa. Lamb 1 wants his to win because he knows how bad mosquitoes are in MN. We still don't know which one the Sunday School voted for and won. Since I wasn't at church, no one took a photo of the quilts and backpacks filled with school supplies that the church collected to donate.
The day was spent with Lamb 1 and 3 inside because they weren't allowed to play with their friends, Ewe and Lamb 2 laid around pretty miserable and when Ram got home from church then he tried to help everyone-tried to make Lamb 1 and 3 play quietly. Ewe doesn't feel sick like the flu-just tired from helping Lamb 2 in the middle of the night and a sore throat.
I decided after supper that the Lambs should watch some classic Disney movies before our trip to Disneyland. I don't think this has anything to do with Disneyland but the Lambs chose Bambi. It was a good activity to get Lamb 2's mind off of being sick, but the movie was a little scary for Lamb 2 and 3. This is why we haven't watched very many Disney movies. I have a few more on my list that they should see before we go to Disneyland-Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Dumbo. They have already seen Winnie the Pooh and Finding Nemo. After all that perhaps we will watch a few more.
After the movie Ram and Lamb 1 went to Walmart to get some children's Tylenol for Lamb 2's fever. After moving and no one being sick in our house for so long, all we had left was some expired children's Motrin. When they got back Lamb 2 began throwing up again.
Our Lambs rarely get sick so this is quite an experience for all of us. Lamb 1 began crying when Lamb 2 began throwing up again tonight because he knows it means another day that he can't play with his friends. Lamb 2 is miserable. Lamb 3 doesn't understand. Ram is running around trying to help all of us and Ewe is trying to keep up with all the laundry.
As I wrote this blog post I had to go help Lamb 2. I pray that the rest of us are spared from this round of the flu. It may be a long night...


Karen said...

So sorry to hear about Lamb 2's illness. Stomach viruses are so miserable for children. Praying that it didn't spread to the rest of your family.

Glenda said...

Sorry to hear about the flu. Hope you had a better night last night.