Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Update

1. I ordered a new math book for Lamb 2 and some other "treats" for school from Rainbow Resource and spent some of our Amazon money from the Be Well Serve Well program. It has been fun watching them come in a few at a time. These are not what I would consider required for homeschooling a first and third grader, but they will be fun extras this year.
2. I have been hard at work unpacking boxes from the garage. I am determined to find a place for what I unpack or give it away. These boxes contain nothing important for daily living, just things Ram and I collected, lots of it was from one of our grandparents. The recycling and trash were full and we'll have a big load to take to Goodwill again. We are especially dealing with all the old computer parts and programs-we only have Macs now, we don't need a lot of that. Also we have so much kitchen stuff-I have a pretty big kitchen and pantry so if it doesn't fit in there I don't need it.
3. We have nothing on the calendar for this whole weekend except for church and Sunday School! Next week is very busy with doctor appointments, piano tuning, Lamb 1 begins piano lessons, and a field trip to the zoo so it will be good to have a break this weekend. I hope to invite some friends over for Sunday afternoon.
4. Lamb 1 finished the first half of his math book so he is looking forward to going with Ram to the hardware store to pick out a wrench for his toolbox. The last few months were a struggle to get him to just DO his math-I wonder if it is too easy for him. The past few days he did several lessons each day in order to finish so he could go get a wrench. I figure he has a whole school year to finish the other half now. So much for being so far ahead! I don't know when he finishes Saxon math 3 what I am going to have him do for fourth grade. I plan on having him complete Saxon math 3 and then just take a break from a math book until fourth grade-just work on math facts etc. We'll see how long it takes him to complete Saxon 3 though.
5. We were back to a regular school day this week. For all-Poem, Bible story, hymn, catechism, Latin, Geography Songs, math fact song, then math for Lamb 1 and 2, and handwriting for Lamb 2 and Lamb 3 when he doesn't have preschool. I still have a little more to add in for Lamb 1 and 2. It has been good to get back into this routine and they won't admit it, but I think the Lambs missed some of the school subjects we didn't do last year. It has been difficult for me to get school done and get lunch prepared before Ram gets home for his lunch break. I must work on that next week-either prepare lunch the night before or begin school a little earlier. Adjustments like that are difficult after moving. Before we moved I didn't have to work school around a preschool schedule, Ram was home almost every day until after lunch, and Lamb 2 was just in preschool so I really only had Lamb 1 to homeschool. I also need to do a little more organizing in the schoolroom to make the school day easier. But overall I'm pleased with how homeschool is going now.

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