Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Update

1. We tried to get back into a normal routine this week after Jessica went home, especially after 2 weeks of sharing a car on weekdays and because the boys NEEDED to get to bed at a reasonable time again.
2. We had coupons for free goldfish and got them a few weeks ago. So far the Lambs have remembered to feed them every day. :)
3. We did some major furniture rearranging when we got the piano. I really like my new arrangement in the living room. Ram thought we would need to call a friend to help with the rearranging, but Ram and I took the sofa upstairs by ourselves.
4. I completed the summer scrapbook challenge and met the goal of 75 pages so I got some nice treats from my Creative Memories consultant. It is so nice to have one year of each of the Lamb's albums complete. 
5. Lamb 3 begins preschool on Tuesday. He is the first one to bring snacks. I have snacks for Tuesday and have to think about healthy, peanut free snacks for the other two days. He is not excited about preschool at all, but I love that Lamb 1 and 2 will have 3 mornings a week to do school without him. Our church is talking about adding kindergarten next year-not sure what we will do with Lamb 3 if they do.
6. We got a States and Capitals DVD from the library and all 3 Lambs have been learning this. 
7. My friend Elizabeth comes on Wednesday for a week!
8. The September calendar is getting full. We have some fun events planned at church, preschool, and I want to do some things with the family. 
9. Our church had a kickball game last Sunday. It was so much fun! They had it at a park that we can walk to which made Sunday afternoon even more fun.
10. My camera is in the shop for at least a week so hopefully I can use this time without my camera to get caught up on posting photos to my blog and send my photos to Snapfish. There have already been a few times where I really wished I had my camera!
11. We listened to most of the RNC on the radio, so glad that was an option for those of us without TV. It's so interesting to me to be in this time zone and most of the speeches were done by 9pm. I've never lived in this part of the country, I can't even imagine living on the West Coast or in Hawaii.
12. Lamb 2 has gone to speech therapy twice. So far it has been "testing" and evaluation and review of letter "v" from what he worked on in MN. I'm anxious for him to really begin speech. We went the route through our doctor's recommendation and not the school. I'm hoping insurance covers part of it, but he needed to get back in speech so I'm willing to pay if we need to. He will go one hour every week for at least six months. Next will be to get Lamb 3's speech evaluated and we may go the same route with him.

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