Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The toolboxes

My camera is still in the shop or this post would have photos.

Lamb 1 got me going on emptying boxes in the garage because he wanted to set up his "shop" area in the garage. Grandma signed him up to join the young woodworkers club and every month he gets a new project to make in the mail. I was surprised how much an 8 year old can build with just a little help from Ram. When there was room cleared out he set up a little table in there. I caught the Lambs today all sitting around the table talking and watching Lamb 1 putter around with scraps of wood.

When I was single my sister worked for Lowes for a short time in her history of jobs to pay for college. She used her discount to buy a couple of plastic toolboxes for me to organize my craft supplies. After Lamb 1 was born we gave one of those toolboxes to him for his plastic pretend hammer, wrench, saw, etc.

A few weeks ago we purchased a toolbox and a few tools for Lamb 1. He is trying to finish the first part of his math book so he can earn another tool to put in it. Lamb 2 and 3 looked wishfully at Lamb 1's toolbox but knew they had to wait until they were older.

In the past few days of cleaning out boxes I discovered another one of those toolboxes from Lowes. I also discovered screwdrivers that we had bought all the Lambs a few years ago when they were free with a rebate. This is what we did.

Lamb 1 kept his toolbox and tools. Lamb 2 began filling the toolbox I found. Lamb 3 emptied all the "baby" tools out of the toolbox in the play room and started to fill it with big tools. We labeled all their tools and toolboxes with their names. (I think this will be important in a few years since Ram and 3 Lambs all will have similar tools.)

I had to be a good Mama and keep quiet about Lamb 3 even though it stabbed my heart that none of the Lambs are young enough for "baby" tools any more. Those tools have been played with and copied Ram and Grandpa as handymen for the past 8 years. Just a few weeks ago Lamb 3 stuck his play screwdriver inside the stuffing of a chair and we can't get it out-all while he was "helping" me by "fixing" my chair. Lamb 2 ended up taking some of the "baby" tools in his toolbox-of course he said it's just until he's old enough for a real hammer etc., but I bet they will be played with by both Lamb 2 and 3 for a little longer.

All those years ago when I got those toolboxes, I never would have guessed that I would have 3 boys that would love to get them and start filling them. Much of what I'm going through is ending up in the trash or giveaway pile-it hasn't been missed since it was packed last year. But a few items like the toolboxes are being given a new purpose and really appreciated then. That is my ultimate goal with organizing-to have everything in our home used or appreciated.

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