Friday, May 22, 2015

A great day to be homeschooled!

About a month ago I stumbled upon a blog that talked about a free program to get a Hot Wheels classroom kit. I had never read this blog before. I followed the links and signed up for a kit, commenting that we were a homeschool and I wasn't sure if we qualified. I honestly forgot about it and didn't have a confirmation number.

Lamb 1 and 3 are working hard to finish their math books so we can take summer vacation. Lamb 1 has been doing two lessons a day. Yesterday during the second lesson a huge package arrived. Once the Lambs read the outside of the box it was a mad dash to finish math so we could open the box. They quickly picked up a few things in the living room to make room and we opened the box.

The box was heavy for Lamb 1 to hold for a photo.
(Yes, I still have Easter decorations up. Sigh. Ascension Day came quickly for us this year.)

Mama, hurry and take the photo so we can open this!

Eventually the whole downstairs had track set up!

Soon they invited the three neighbor boys that are homeschooled over to join them.

I am still surprised that we received a full classroom kit. We gladly shared with the neighbor boys so it was like we are a classroom of 6. I heard great science questions and then experiments the whole time they played. It was a wonderful break for me as they were happily entertained for a couple of hours while I did the dishes and other housework without interruptions. They are excited to set this up outside this summer, they have plans to go down the whole sidewalk and invite all the neighbor kids to join them.

Soon they even set up track in the upstairs hallway.

After a couple of hours of Hot Wheels then they got out the duct tape and made Minecraft costumes and swords. Our Lambs were very popular because they have so much duct tape thanks to Aunt Hannah's gifts for their recent birthdays. Soon the public school kids were home from school and joined them. At one time there were about a dozen kids on my patio creating stuff out of construction paper and duct tape.

(Note to Mom and Dad: Notice our tree that we got from the power company and the new house built behind us in this photo. Lamb 3 is on our picnic table so you have a point of reference.)


Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

How wonderful that you got that whole kit! What fun for the boys - and the neighbors. I love happy surprises in the mail like that!

Karen said...

I just ordered a kit for my girls. Thanks for sharing.