Monday, May 11, 2015


Lamb 2 had a vision therapy evaluation this morning. He will be 9 in 2 weeks so the doctor compared him to both 8 and 9 year olds. Here's the results of his reading numbers tests:
Reading vertical rows: 15 percentile for both 8 and 9 y old
Reading horizontal rows: 10 percentile 8 y old/5 percentile 9 y old
The ratio of reading numbers vertically and horizontally is 10 percentile.

My comment after the testing was Lamb 2 is on the chart! Even for a 9 y old he's on the chart! He has come so far from the initial testing in November 2013.

The doctor's comment was that Lamb 2's smooth eye movements are still below average. The doctor sees that Lamb 2's eyes work fine, but the testing means he has to say what he sees. The doctor thinks Lamb 2's slow speed is his brain saying the numbers. The doctor said that if we can get him to a level of reading silently to himself, he will read much faster than reading aloud. He did have significant improvement since February even though he has not done VT since November.

The doctor said after the testing today that as far as he is concerned as a doctor, Lamb 2 never has to return to him for testing or vision therapy. He saw enough improvement since February that he is not concerned. Of course we are always welcome to bring him back in 6 months or a year if as parents we want assurance that he is still improving.

It was very strange to pay the receptionist but not make another appointment. The testing showed me this morning that Lamb 2 CAN read and it is no longer a vision problem, he is just slower than average. I believe that with continual practice reading he will speed up. Even if he is never above average in reading speed, after VT he is now capable of reading. The testing also showed that he was accurate with reading his numbers. That was not true before VT-not only would he say incorrect numbers, but he would skip numbers.

The doctor enjoyed hearing that Lamb 2 now reads his math lesson/story problems to himself without help. He also enjoyed hearing that when it is time to read aloud if we take too long to get ready, then Lamb 2 begins reading the chapter of Little Town on the Prairie or The Hobbit to himself. He was especially impressed with Lamb 2's confidence to tell him he read his math lesson himself. If they have confidence they will try reading even if it is above their level.

The doctor reminded Lamb 2 again today that as a doctor he has high standards. He wants his patients to graduate from VT and be capable of reading the material to get the PhD when they grow up. Lamb 2 said he just wants to be able to read, not PhD. material! But that got me to thinking that Lamb 2 seems the most likely out of our 3 Lambs to want to pursue a PhD and he would be capable of that after VT.

We praise God for the diagnosis that Lamb 2 needed VT, that this doctor's office was close to our home, and that this doctor and his therapists were able to help Lamb 2.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great report! All the hard work has paid off. Congratulations Lamb 2.