Friday, May 8, 2015


This morning all 3 Lambs and Ram had eye doctor checkups and Ram ordered prescription sunglasses. That all went well, but it was a long morning at the doctor's office. Lamb 1 would probably need glasses if he wasn't homeschooled, but the doctor said he can wait another year since he doesn't need to see a whiteboard in the front of the classroom. We encouraged him to tell us if he can't see things far away and we will get him glasses.

Back in February we scheduled our 3 Lambs for their annual checkups on May 1. At the time the receptionist encouraged us to check with our insurance because their last checkup was in August and it would not be a full year between checkups. When we contacted insurance then they said that one checkup per calendar year was allowed so May 1 appointments were fine.

When we showed up for our appointments on May 1, they told us we were not on the schedule, we were scheduled for May 8. That is not what they told us back in February. We have been so busy that I didn't think anything of not receiving a phone call to confirm our appointments. There was nothing we could do except come back the next week. Thankfully we didn't miss our appointments, they were scheduled for the following week.

On May 6 we received 3 texts to confirm our appointment. Ram couldn't figure out how to reply to their strange texts so he called them the next day and confirmed the appointment by phone. He also asked them to not send us any more texts as we have to pay for texts on our cell phone plan.

After that phone call, we received 3 more texts to remind us of our appointment. We asked them again today to remove us from the text list. We'll see if that happens.

About an hour before their appointments, we received a phone call from the doctor's office that because Lamb 2 has not had his birthday, they didn't think that insurance would pay for his checkup. They said he had already had an 8 year old checkup and wasn't due for another checkup until he turned 9 in a few weeks. We called insurance and they said the same as we heard in February, one checkup per calendar year is allowed, it has nothing to do with when your last checkup was or the child's birthday. Since the last checkup was in 2014, he was allowed to get another checkup today.

When we checked in at the doctor's office today, there was a perky young receptionist. We signed all the paperwork, still disgusted that we didn't get this appointment done last week. She was very firm about they had warned us that insurance would not pay for Lamb 2's checkup and we would be responsible if insurance did not pay. She did not listen to what I said insurance said. We asked again to be removed from the text list. During all this she asked how my day was going. I didn't say anything, Ram nicely replied to her for me.

We finally had our checkups and Lamb 1 received two shots. We like our doctor and her assistants, it is the crazy system of the schedulers that we don't like. Ram went and got me a big Starbucks after all that. We have a couple of things to follow up on after these appointments, but we are thankful to be done with eye doctor and annual checkups for the Lambs until next year.

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

Ugh. Frustrating indeed! I'm glad it's all over. Why don't the offices believe us when we've spoken with the insurance? I've run into a similar problem with the twice yearly dentist appointments, when some think it has to be 6 months. Nope. Any 2 times in a year, I have to explain. Oh well.