Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lamb 3's surprise

At the first track meets this year, Lamb 3 ran the 50m and did not participate in any more events. He was content to play with small toys he brought while his brothers ran many events.
The final track meet it is spread over two days and they do give ribbons for placing in the top finishers for each event. Lamb 3 said he would also run the 100m for this track meet.
Ram was not able to attend the whole second day with us and met us there later. Lamb 3 decided on the way to the meet that he would not only run the 100m, but he would also run the 200m to surprise Ram.
About halfway through the running events on day 2 of the track meet it started pouring rain. We all ran up to shelter in one of the buildings, waited about half an hour, and then finished the meet while it was sprinkling, but not pouring. My Lambs put on raincoats when it started pouring. The coach said we really needed to finish the track meet when it was scheduled, it would be impossible to reschedule both for all the families involved and the time we could get the track.
By this time Ram had joined us. When it came time for the 200m, I didn't think Lamb 3 was going to participate with the rain. He decided he was still going to run it. For each event they run, the parents fill out a sticker with their age, full name, and event and put it on the child's shirt. After each event they remove the stickers from the shirts and attach them to a sheet with the official time. Ram was surprised that Lamb 3 was going to run the 200m and thought we needed to fill out a sticker since he was doing another event.
At this point, Lamb 3 unzipped his rain coat and showed Ram that he already had a sticker on his shirt. He got such a big smile to be surprising Ram by running 3 events over 2 days.
With the rain, none of my Lambs ran real well on the second day of the track meet. They didn't finish getting ribbons ready to give out when we left. Any more ribbons will be mailed. But we think all three Lambs might have gotten a ribbon for the 200m because so few people were left to participate after the rain. We are hoping that if he gets a ribbon for the 200m, it will encourage Lamb 3 to try more events next year. Now we impatiently wait for the ribbons to come in the mail...

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