Sunday, May 17, 2015

Milestones Today

1. Lamb 2 read along while we sang the opening hymn in church and sang along. This was his first real reading along during a hymn. The hymn was Be Still My Soul. Since it repeats "Be Still My Soul" several times he could look ahead and figure out what the next phrase was during that phrase.

2. Lamb 1 was officially invited and attended his first youth night at church tonight. He will begin confirmation class in the fall. It hit me tonight talking to the youth leader's wife that we are beginning a whole new area that we haven't participated in before, especially that Lamb 1 will attend many of these events without Ram or Ewe. Higher Things, here comes Lamb 1, and then our other Lambs soon!

3. Lamb 3 requested insisted that we plant bell peppers in our garden. This weekend he ate several bell peppers from the store. This adds to the few other veggies he eats. He tries other veggies but the bell peppers are one that he eats now.

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