Friday, May 1, 2015

Emotional Week

This past week has been one of my most emotional weeks in my life. I know I had emotional weeks when Ram received his first Call, when I got engaged and married, when we moved here, at the birth of my children, etc. But all those times I was too busy to dwell on what all was happening. This past week I had time to think about what was happening.

Our family doctor is leaving for another job. We were able to fit the boys annual checkups in before she leaves. We were scheduled for today, but when we went they had us down on the schedule for next Friday. So we were not able to see her today and will go next week. I had the Lambs make thank you notes for her this morning and tucked them in a card with my appreciation for all the referrals she gave us for Lamb 2 the past few years when we were trying to figure out that he needed Vision Therapy. She also did a few minor referrals for Ram, Lamb 1, and Lamb 3. We really appreciated those referrals because they ultimately got a diagnosis for Lamb 2. On the way to the doctor I bought her flowers and we left the cards and flowers at the desk for her since we were unable to have appointments today.

Later this afternoon she called Ram's phone and was practically in tears over our cards. I think she was shocked that we did that. Not only did it mean a lot that we did that for her, but she really appreciated how far our boys have come in the past few years. She made a point of saying Lamb 1 had beautiful cursive and she knew that Lamb 2 could not have printed so nicely before VT and even Lamb 3 at age 7 wrote nicely. It almost brings me to tears too to think of the journey we traveled and how far our Lambs have come the last 3 years. We will miss her, but her replacement is a female doctor from Indiana with three boys! We can't wait to meet the new doctor, but hope it is at our annual checkups and not because of an emergency visit.

Last Friday morning I helped my friend pack for moving in a few weeks. We cried some of the time we packed. We have known each other less than a year, but we will really miss each other. There are so many similarities to our lives, even down to we do laundry the exact same way. Helping her pack brought back a lot of memories of us moving here 3 years ago. We packed and moved in less than a month, she is doing it over a few months. It was a crazy month, but looking back I'm glad we did it and got it over.

Then that night I attended a ladies only farewell party for her. At the end of the evening we asked her for prayer requests and then each spent time praying for her and her family. I knew better how to pray for her this week and spent much time in prayer for her.

I've already blogged about having her children over to my house on Wednesday night. I had such sympathy for those children and their crazy life right now. My prayers for the children increased over the past few days. I've held it together through several conversations with my Lambs about their family moving. They need help through this too.

Tonight I stopped by her house to drop something off and found out that due to circumstances they almost didn't move. They would have had to move houses because they have sold their house here. But they almost didn't move to a new state. But ultimately her husband decided that moving would be best for the family. I spent some time talking to her about her husband is the head of the household. That conversation reaffirmed for both of us the reason why they are moving. We can see God's hand over them better than we ever would have asked for in this move. Neither one of us can see yet the reason for them moving, but we both trust that God has a purpose. Look out TX, my friend is coming and great things are going to happen for her family there!

We have a very busy week next week and I don't know how much more I will be able to help her. But my prayers for her will continue. I'm so thankful for Ram to help me through this week. He has been awesome both in helping me at home while I helped her and listening to me talk about all this.

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