Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy July 4!

This year is unusual because with July 4 on a Saturday we didn't feel we could travel and be back for church tomorrow. We have spent most of our married years of July 4 at Ram's parents house. When we lived in MN that is when we visited them. I wasn't sure what to cook since we aren't spending it with Ram's parents so it didn't need to be completely Paleo. Here is the menu that I came up with:

Ribs with Ewe's homemade barbecue sauce (In the oven now)
(The Lambs might have hot dogs if they don't want the ribs.)
Homemade potato salad (In the fridge)
Potato chips (rare treat at our house)
Corn on the cob (if the grocery store corn I bought is ok)
Baked beans
Dessert: Ice cream in ice cream cones

There should be lots of leftovers so we'll eat July 4 food for the next several days!

Ram's parents returned from vacation not too long ago too so they were also glad that we weren't coming for the 4th of July so they could rest instead of get ready to entertain us. After all our driving for our vacation I was thankful to not have more driving to celebrate the 4th of July.

We may peek outside to see if we can see any fireworks from our house, but we have no plans to go to fireworks tonight. I sound like a party pooper, but we have finally caught up on sleep after our crazy vacation and it is hot out there. I am looking forward to next week where the weather is finally predicted to be less than 100 and one day is even predicted to be less than 90! Next year July 4 is on a Monday so hopefully we can go back to normal of celebrating with Ram's parents.

Organic blueberries were on sale at the grocery this week so I stocked up and am making jam today. This is the first jam I have made this year.

Ram bought the Lambs more sand yesterday so they are busy playing in their sand table today with a few of the neighbor kids.


Jody said...

We had plans of my husband smoking pork most of the day outside today, but it was rainy for the first half of the day. We decided to delay most of our celebration until tomorrow when it's supposed to be sunny. We are still making homemade blueberry ice cream, and that will be a treat.

Joelle said...

We waved to your inlaws as we drove past their road yesterday coming back from camp. Audrey did great! PTL! If your neighborhood is anything like ours, you'll see tons of fireworks from your house. Both legal and illegal :) Happy 4th!