Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trip Home from Indiana

June 17: My dad teaches a Wednesday morning Bible class. The location has changed over the years, but they go to a cafe where everyone orders what they want and my dad teaches class while they eat breakfast. The first week we were there Lamb 1 attended and impressed the class with his willingness to read out loud and answer questions. The second week both Lamb 1 and 2 attended. The day we left Fort Wayne no Lambs attended Bible class, but Ram gave my dad a ride home after Bible class as my mom had a doctor appointment.

Ram took Lamb 1 and 2 to basketball camp and then went to pick up my dad. He picked up bagels and yogurt for our drive when he picked up my dad. We spent the morning finishing up packing and finishing a few tasks to help my parents. We shipped home our 6 boxes. We picked up the Lambs and said goodbye to the coaches. This took a little longer than I would have liked and we weren't on the road until almost 12:30pm.

Our plans here were a little crazy. We hadn't been to WI for a few years and I really wanted to see a few friends. My mom thought it was absolutely crazy to go home to ID by way of WI. But I really wanted to go. Our plans were to stop and see my friend Jennifer for about an hour or two and then attend Divine Service at Peace, Sussex, WI. We weren't able to attend the entire catechism symposium (CCA), but we thought it would be worth going to Divine Service and seeing everyone afterwards. I really thought this would be possible with the time change gaining an hour for us.

Traffic was terrible and it took us much longer to get through Chicago than I had planned. My friend, Jennifer, had moved and it took us longer to find her new house than I planned. All 3 Lambs were sitting in the same row of the minivan which made a few more arguments than normal which meant a couple more stops to make everyone happy. We pulled into Jennifer's driveway about the same time as we would have needed to leave for Divine Service. We made the quick decision to just visit Jennifer and cancel our plans to go to church. I hadn't had time to contact very many people and the few that I did contact said they weren't going to be able to attend CCA this year.

The last time I heard from Jennifer I heard that she had a baby boy and he was in NICU for several days after he was born but after that he was fine. That baby boy is now 3 years old. We were so overdue for a visit!

I was so glad we were able to stop and see Jennifer's new house and the Lambs were able to see their animals. Jennifer had prepared supper for us, chicken that was butchered the day before from their farm, potatoes, and vegetables. It was so good, especially after eating too much fast food on our trip. When Jennifer's husband got home he was shocked that we were there as that was not the original plan. Then he joined the conversation and the kids played and the adults talked until 11pm. Dan and Ram shared a bottle of wine that Dan had received as a gift. They joked that we should spend the night there at that point, but we had reserved a hotel close to the church we had planned to go to. We got to our hotel at midnight.

Jennifer shared a kombucha mushroom with me before we left. She has 10 batches of kombucha going at once! I came home and got two batches going. I changed locations for my kombucha at my house and so far the kombucha looks really healthy. It has been nice to freely share kombucha with everyone and not ration it because it is so expensive at the store. Plus I think mine tastes better than store bought! We'll see how long I can keep up two batches at once...

To be continued...

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