Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Broken record

Lamb 3 needed a filling today so he broke his record of no cavities. Now Ram is the only one that never had a cavity in our family. Thankfully Lamb 3's was on a baby tooth. When they got in there they discovered a cavity on the tooth next to the one they saw at his last cleaning. So he had two fillings today. He did great and ate lots of ice cream this afternoon.

Tonight the Lambs talked about the commercial that advertises children's mouthwash and how it claims to prevent cavities. They think the commercial lies because they use that mouthwash daily and Lamb 3 still needed fillings today. I told them that I do think the mouthwash prevents some cavities because only Lamb 3 needed fillings today and also the dentist has been watching this tooth for Lamb 3 for the last couple of years and it finally needed a filling.

By the third child I'm not so upset about fillings, especially on baby teeth. We do continue to faithfully brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily. I can't help that they inherited my  teeth instead of Ram's teeth. We just do the best we can do. And we're thankful for dental insurance to keep the cost down when dental work is necessary.

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Jody said...

My aunt is certain that genetics plays the largest role because her two children ate the same things and had the same dental hygiene. However, one child had no cavities and one had a whole mouthful.