Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Indiana vacation continued

June 14: This morning we attended church with my parents at St. Paul's. There was a teacher being honored at retirement at the early service so we attended late service. They served cake in-between services so we went to that. I also had the Lambs bring their piano books and we snuck in the choir room for the Lambs to play their recital pieces for Grandpa and Grandma. I was so tired and so were the Lambs by this point in our vacation. Lamb 3 and Ewe both almost fell asleep during the service. I didn't know anybody besides my parents at the service we attended so the Lambs were happy that we could leave immediately after church. When we got home I took a nap.
I noticed that the Historic Old Fort was open this weekend so I took the Lambs for a short visit. We had to park far away and it started sprinkling as we walked there. By the time we were inside the Fort grounds it started really raining. As a child I was the most interested in hearing the doctor at the Fort talk about his work. The doctor and his staff were packing up as we got there, they didn't want to be in the rain another day. We were able to peek in some of the other buildings. We did stand in the rain and talk to a man cleaning his rifle about his gun. Finally we went to the Sweet Shop and bought some treats for Ram and the Lambs. I decided to not force the Lambs to see anything else and we would go home. By then it was really pouring and we were soaked by the time we got back to the car.

In the evening my cousin from MI came down with her family. We met them at their hotel and all the kids went swimming for hours. We forced them out of the pool to eat pizza and then they went swimming some more. My cousin and I went up to their hotel room to talk while her husband watched the kids swimming. I hadn't seen her since her husband took his first Call in 2002. I had never met my goddaughter that is 11. It was so fun to get together and we finally left their hotel room and got home about midnight.
Poor Kate was the only girl

Little Nathan almost 4
Big Nathan 7

Nick and Lamb 3 are close in age

Lamb 2 and Nick

My goddaughter, Kate

My cousin, Sue

So much happened the last few days we were in Fort Wayne that I will just post one day today.

To be continued...

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