Friday, July 10, 2015

Indiana Vacation Continued

June 15: After we dropped off Lamb 1 and 2 at basketball camp, Lamb 3 and Ewe went to the zoo with my cousin's family. I wasn't too excited about going to the zoo in the heat and humidity with a forecast of rain, but we couldn't think of anything else to do together because the science museum was closed on Mondays. My cousin really wanted us to take our children to the zoo together, just like Sue and I were taken to the zoo by our grandmothers when we were children. She ended up being disappointed that they had changed much of the zoo since we were kids.
Lamb 3 was in a rotten mood, because we were up until midnight the night before. He didn't want to do anything at the zoo. This picture was how he felt, he just wanted to crawl in the egg and go to sleep.

Sue has a memory from the zoo when we were children. My grandma said I could drive the jeep and she really wanted to. Her grandma told her to be polite and let me drive. Then the grandmas decided to drive the jeep one way and walk the other way. So Sue never got to drive the jeep. I don't remember that but she does. She was very disappointed that she didn't have a chance to drive a jeep now, the jeeps are there for photos but not for driving any more. While her son is driving the jeep in this photo, it is how it should be, it was my turn to sit in the back!

After a couple of hours at the zoo because it was raining by that point and Lamb 3 was in no mood to be at the zoo, we left but Sue's family stayed a little longer and saw a little more. My dad had picked up the Lambs from basketball camp. We picked up lunch from Subway and met Sue's family at the Seminary. We ate lunch and some of the kids played on the Seminary playground. We decided to go for a walk through the woods. When we got over there it was very muddy so the walk was canceled. The Lambs were very disappointed that we went to the Midwest but we had no chance to walk through a forest. Here are some pictures we took before we said Goodbye to Sue's family.

We went home and rested for a few hours. I forced Lamb 2 to take a nap. Then we met Lamb 3's godfather, Darin, at a Tincaps baseball game. His godfather had gotten free tickets from Thrivent along with Tincaps cash that could be used for food and gift shop. The game ended up getting rained out but we used the Tincaps cash to buy food. We got nachos and cotton candy as treats. The Lambs had supper before we went to the game but it was fun to let them get junk food. Then we went in the gift shop and spent the rest of the Tincaps cash Thrivent gave us on a t-shirt for Lamb 2, baseball cards for Lamb 3, and a baseball for Lamb 1. Lamb 1 had gotten a Tincaps shirt at Once Upon a Child the week before. We stayed and talked to Darin and his wife until we were sure the game was rained out. It was a fun evening even though we didn't get to see a game. We were talking and I didn't even think to take a picture of Lamb 3 and Darin. Because it got rained out I never got to see a Tincaps game on this trip. Darin planned to keep our tickets and invite some friends to join him for another game since we were leaving town. I think he also had a little of our Tincaps cash leftover for another game. Thank you, Thrivent, for a fun evening!

After the game it was finally time to pick up Ram from the airport. I was nervous with the weather that his flight might be delayed but he was right on time. We tried to look for a place to get him food but everything like Culvers was closed so we just went home and he ate leftovers. When we got home Ewe and the Lambs went to bed right away after our late night before. We were glad that Ram was back with us that evening.

To be continued...

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