Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last days of Indiana vacation

June 16: This was our last full day in Fort Wayne. In the morning Ram did some handyman jobs for my parents. He hung new hooks by the back door. He removed all the screws and nails from all the walls of the house. I rushed to finish packing what we would take home.

Lamb 1 and 2 went to basketball camp in the morning and we all went to pick them up. We went to Lunchbox Cafe for lunch since Ram couldn't go the week before. Both times we got the last piece of vinegar pie and had to share it with all of us. We stopped by All Saints bookstore and Ram bought a few things, but we didn't let the Lambs buy any more crucifix necklaces. I also bought Advent candles and we put them in the cooler for the drive home. I had Advent candles on my list to replace so I was glad to check that off my to do list.

We ran a few errands in the afternoon-Costco for a few supplies for the trip and gas, bought mulch for my parents, bought more bubble wrap for packing, Half Price Books to trade in a few more books and give Ram a chance to look there even though he didn't buy anything.

I did laundry and finished packing what we were taking home. We mostly loaded the car, just leaving out our clothes and sleeping bags for the Lambs.

We had planned to get a trailer hitch installed by Toyota and rent a trailer to take stuff home. Toyota had a glitch during June and hitches installed by them would not be legal to drive. They assured us this was temporary, but we needed it done in June. I had considered taking a dresser home when I thought we would have a trailer. When it was clear a trailer was not going to work plus it would have been really expensive we went to plan B. Plan B was to not take any furniture home and ship books home that did not fit. We had all 3 Lambs sit in the same row and put the back seats in the minivan down. We actually had quite a bit of room behind the Lambs. We ended up shipping 6 boxes home. 5 of those boxes were media mail so not expensive. All the boxes arrived one week after we shipped them which was only a few days after we arrived home. I hadn't even finished unpacking what we had brought home in the minivan when they arrived. After Ram shipped the boxes I realized we should have squeezed that 6th box that didn't have books in the minivan to save money. I don't regret shipping boxes home because we were able to bring all the books that we wanted home. We also brought home my grandma's scrapbooks and lots of pictures. After the Lambs went to bed we addressed and wrapped in packing tape the boxes that we were shipping home. That took a long time to wrap all sides of 6 boxes in packing tape. We went to bed ready to start going home the next day.

To be continued...

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