Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Indiana Vacation Continued

June 11: This day was much more successful than the afternoon before. The last few days we were in Fort Wayne are a blur of us trying to get as much done that we could before we left. In the morning Lamb 1 and 2 attended basketball camp. Lamb 3 helped Grandma make fruit kabobs for a ladies event at church.
In the morning I mowed the entire lawn. I had planned to mow until it started raining but the weather held up long enough for me to mow everything. I took the Lambs to lunch at a restaurant Ram and I liked when we lived in Fort Wayne that is now in a new location. After lunch we went to All Saints Bookstore to look for a few specific items for Ram and for our church. The owner recognized me right away and was shocked that we were shopping in his store. The Lambs decided they wanted crucifix necklaces so I pointed them toward the $3-4 section figuring we could get chains at home. Then began the begging and they were successful in talking me into two each. I couldn't believe my Lambs were begging for crucifixes!
When we finally made it out of there we ran some errands to help my parents. As we were leaving Costco the Lambs asked where our next stop was. Another shopper overheard me say that we were going to the liquor store for boxes but they would need to stay in the car. I got a big lecture about leaving children in hot cars. She didn't know we were just stopping to pick up boxes and the back of the minivan would be open loading boxes. But there was really no other choice since under 21 is not allowed in the store at all. I did laugh because in MN when Ram took our Lambs in the liquor store they gave them candy or stickers! We did go to the liquor store and they had a big pile of boxes ready for me. I took all of them and we used most of them before we left Fort Wayne. We were also happy that the Uhaul store had picture boxes this day.

June 12: Lamb 1 and 2 attended basketball camp in the morning. We seemed to follow a pattern of a great day and then a not so great day. My mom decided to hold a garage sale with just a few of the bigger items including a dresser. This morning it poured rain so we only sold $5 before the rain began. We decided to wait until the next day to continue the garage sale. My dad had parked on the next street so the driveway would be clear for customers shopping at the garage sale. When he went to move his car he had a big  parking ticket. He parked in the same spot he always parked in whenever they had company. I had parked in the same spot the day before he got a ticket. There was really no way to fight it so he had to pay it. We think they were enforcing parking rules more because there were several garage sales in the neighborhood. But there was not a no parking sign and we didn't really think it was fair. Another reason why my parents need to move...
We helped my mom completely load up her car and she drove to several thrift shops and delivered everything. In the afternoon and evening we stayed inside and helped there. I packed almost all of their pictures that were hanging on the wall so that job was completed. It seemed weird to be a Friday night and I was at home packing and doing laundry for my boys.

June 13: In the morning my mom was much more successful at her garage sale. She sold this dresser. The Lambs enjoyed playing cards with Grandma while they helped with the garage sale. Total made on both days of the garage sale was a little more than the cost of the parking ticket so we considered it a success.
My dad had several slides in trays so we decided to pull out the slide projector and figure out which ones would be worth putting on DVD like their wedding and which ones were not worth putting on DVD like his presentations from when he worked for IBM. When we pulled out the slide projector he said he didn't know if it worked. The power cord was not with the slide projector. I really think that it was in the garage and I threw it out a few days before that. So we couldn't look at the slides. My sister thought that Best Buy had a cord and we thought that would be the easiest solution. So on this day the Lambs and I went to Best Buy. Their tech guys were bored so they spent about 45 minutes trying to help me without success. They told me that Kodak went out of business so they don't have any idea how to get a power cord. So the slides are sitting at my house and I'm unsure what we are going to do with the whole project. Do you have an old slide projector that works or a cord I could borrow? I may need to invest in a machine to make the slides digital.

To be continued...

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Raggedy Mom said...

We have a slide viewer - and live on the other side of the country. 😕
We also have something like this. Perhaps it could (inexpensively) help you.
Pana-vue 3 Slide Viewer for Viewing 35mm Transparencies https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002GRLL8/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_0xAOvbRN5C6S1