Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family Update

The Lambs finished swim lessons this week. I'll blog more about that next week. Lamb 2 was sick with a cold one day the first week so he still has one lesson to make up next week.

I finished reading the last book (#8) in the Anne of Green Gables series.

I got 13 orders (1 or 2 tapes each) ready to take to the Costco photo center. It took a long time to watch all those movies and decide what to transfer-only 2 hours footage is allowed per DVD. Some were from teaching, most were church services-of course our wedding and Ram's ordination and each of the Lambs baptisms, and a few short tapes of Lamb 1 as a baby. We're going to take them along the next time we go to Costco and get them all transferred to DVD. I'm excited and I know the Lambs will ask to watch their tapes often once they are on DVD. I think we will be caught up on camcorded movies once we do this-until we tape some more! This was a big project and I'm so glad to get caught up on this.

I finished the cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. I still want to clean out the refrigerator/freezer and do a little more cleaning in the kitchen, but I have most of the kitchen done. Next I'm going to work in our library/guest room to declutter there. Hopefully I can get a lot accomplished in there before my parents come next week!

On Tuesday the Lambs had an early childhood event at the golf course. It was such a simple idea to let the kids putt on the putting green, read books, and serve ice cream cones. The Lambs loved it, especially Lamb 3 enjoyed putting. On Wednesday the Lambs had summer library storytime and also one of the local churches had a cookout and an evening service. We went to that and Ram stayed for a meeting but we went home. On Friday the local pastors had a summer get together at one pastor's house. We had a bonfire even though it was a really windy night. The Lambs had their first s'mores. Lamb 3 wasn't too impressed, but Lamb 1 had a great time roasting marshmallows. Our children are the only young children among the pastors. They were glad we brought the boys, but it was hard work for Ram and I to watch the Lambs near the fire, tools for the fire, etc. Add in swim lessons every day and we had a very busy week.

We read some modern Dick and Jane and Frog and Toad books from the library and Lamb 1 did some math this week too. They painted fish at library storytime. Our babysitter was sick and unable to come last week. We all battled colds last week and I think we're all finally mostly over it.

We baked cupcakes and decorated them today. Lamb 1 and 2 decorated their bike/tricycle for tomorrow. Our small town has a lawn mower parade and potluck. We're hoping for nice weather even though rain is predicted. We could use the rain though. It was HOT today and I stayed inside the A/C except for the bike decorating. I weeded the garden yesterday and there is always more to do, but at least it doesn't look as bad as it did.

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