Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have been spending a little time each night watching some old camcorded stuff and deciding whether we should put it on DVD or just throw the tapes out. Last night when I went to put a tape in, the VCR didn't work. As I unhooked it from the TV to see if I could tell what was broken, a DVD fell out of the VCR. We still had Ram's old VCR so we pulled that out of the basement and set it up. I really need a VCR right now because I'm in the middle of this project to see what really is on the old tapes. The Lambs have a lot of VHS tapes that they would be sad to no longer watch too.
This morning we tried to question the Lambs about the VCR. We knew Lamb 1 didn't do it. Lamb 2 denied doing it a little quickly to make me believe him. Lamb 3 admitted doing it a little quickly to make me believe him. Lamb 3 has such a limited vocabulary that we don't know. Ram tried questioning the Lambs and they all (even Lamb 3) blamed Lamb 3 very quickly. We'll never know who put the DVD in the VCR. Ram suspected Lamb 3 because he is the one that is always taking apart the music instruments-perhaps he wanted to watch a movie so he tried to start the movie by himself.
I would really like to have a backup VCR because Ram's VCR is older than mine was. We need one both in case of the Lambs having another accident or if it breaks because of age. Does any one have a VCR to sell to me? I know they are almost impossible to find to buy new-well maybe you could buy a DVD/VCR combo, but I'm sure that would be very expensive and we don't need a DVD player. I am hesitant to get one on Ebay even if I could find one there, because who know how old or what kind of shape it would be in?

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Gina said...

We got a vcr/dvd burner combo last year in the mark-down aisle of Wally for under $50, if you had that then you could just burn the kids tapes as they enjoyed them, just a thought, but vcr tapes don't last as long as dvd's do and even if they aren't watched often the tape deteriorates to an unplayable state - I have 3 movies right now that I only had on vhs and they are unplayable even though I found them in a box where they had been stored well and unplayed for many years.