Friday, July 16, 2010

Young LCMS members

I have never been to a Higher Things youth conference, but from what I hear from other high school students and their parents, I would love to go. This skit was done at the Higher Things youth conference in Nashville last week. I have never watched very much Veggie Tales, but as a life long Lutheran, I thought this skit was hilarious!

Ram has called me each night while he is gone at the convention. Each night he tries to tell me who he saw that I know. It is interesting to me how many of the delegates are people that went to Seminary with him or went to college with me. In our circuit many of the pastors wanted the pastor that had been in our circuit for the longest but had never been to a Synodical convention before to be the pastoral delegate. (Even though the pastors said they wanted this, Ram had to be elected at a circuit forum-and he was.) There are two other pastors in our circuit that have been pastors here longer than Ram, but they had both already been to other Synodical conventions. The other pastors in the circuit came to their churches after Ram came here 7 years ago.

I'm thinking that many LCMS circuits had similar thinking to ours-send a pastor delegate that has been at their church for a little while and is not a brand new pastor, but also send one that has never had a chance to go to convention before. That means that many pastors that are close to my age (from both college or at Seminary when Ram was) are delegates this year. It has been fun for Ram to see old friends and catch up during their free time in the evenings.

There are many changes for LCMS happening this week at the convention. It is exciting to me that many of these changes are being voted for by young pastors. There are so many areas that our church just can not continue to follow-theologically, financially, and with so much division. It means a lot to me that the young pastors are the ones that both want change and are acting on it. Plus many of those elected are young. Rev. Harrison, the president-elect is 48 years old.

It must be so interesting for those that were at both one of the Higher Things youth conferences and at Synodical convention this year.

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