Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My new favorite kitchen servant

A few years ago, Ram's parents brought us an ice cream maker. They brought us a lot of other stuff during that trip and I assumed that they had this ice cream maker and never used it so they brought it to us. It was put in the basement and we never used it until this week. With all Lamb 1's dairy problems, I thought it was one more thing to store that we didn't really need.

Lamb 1 has been able to tolerate dairy for awhile, but I forgot about the ice cream maker until we were cleaning out the basement recently. I dreaded getting it out, reading the directions, making sure we had enough milk and cream, etc. I also assumed it was like my parents' old electric ice cream maker where you have to put ice around the outside= lots of work.

I finally opened it up so Lamb 1 would stop begging. I was so surprised-you put the bowl in the freezer for a day and you're ready to make ice cream. You plug it in, pour the ingredients in the top, and turn it on for 25 minutes. Then you freeze the ice cream for about 2 hours.

First we made orange sherbet which was like frozen orange julius. Then we made simple vanilla ice cream where you didn't have to cook it or add eggs. They were both delicious. Orange took OJ concentrate, milk, and sugar. It was so simple. We're looking at some more recipes like pistachio ice cream.

I think we need to order more milk from the man that delivers it to us. We may be buying less Schwans ice cream now too. This is worth room on my counter. I think we also need to put making ice cream on our list of weekly chores like baking bread and making yogurt.

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Anonymous said...

Rachel -
You must e-mail me to let me know what kind of ice cream maker yours is as my kids are dying to have one :). I would love to have one, too, as my favorite thing in the world just may be chai ice cream - I would love to be able to make my own as you can guess it is hard to find! Blessings, Kathy Seeger