Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome, Ram, to Houston!

Ram left our house at 3:45am as planned to go to the airport. He found out he should have left earlier, but he did catch his plane. He said nearly 1/2 of the second plane was filled with LCMS going to Houston. He made it to Houston early this afternoon. He said there was a nice sign at the airport that said, "Welcome to Houston!" with the LCMS logo.

We spent much of this week getting Ram ready to go. He had a cold/cough/sinus infection that he was trying to get over before he left. Because I wasn't going along, it took him longer than his normal 15 minutes to pack for a trip.

Before he left, I realized I would need to cook for a week! Ram enjoys cooking and it's not that I can't cook or hate to cook. Ram does most of the cooking to give me a chance to do other tasks-laundry, dishes, homeschooling, spending time with the Lambs, cleaning, and other homemaking tasks. It is a little overwhelming to me that I will need to continue to do all these tasks this week plus do all the cooking. Ram did write me a list of where our recipes for bread, yogurt, guacamole, and other main dish recipes that we make often. I have made these so little that I wasn't even sure where he got those recipes! Some recipes he practically has memorized. So I was glad for the "cheat sheet". I'm so glad my parents are here to help me with the Lambs.
Lamb 2 has been melting down and crying about everything today. This is going to be a long week without Ram for all of us, especially for the Lambs. They are Papa's boys!

I made granola, served breakfast (yogurt with berries) and lunch (leftovers and salad), did some laundry, and went with the Lambs to get the mail and milk. After rest time, I am in a strange mood. I'm not worried, but I am concerned about what is going on in Houston, especially what happens tomorrow (if the rumors are true that the presidential election will be moved on the agenda to tomorrow). I am concerned for the direction of the LCMS for what happens all week. I know that this will be in my thoughts and prayers constantly until Ram is home. The challenge will be to get something done this week besides being in "survival mode" while Ram is gone.

My dad brought me some materials to scrapbook from his aunt and his parents. Some of the material to scrapbook is letters and materials from when my grandfather was in WWII. His Lutheran faith amazes me and it shines through in this scrapbook material. My mom's dad was an LCMS pastor in TX. I do want the LCMS church to remain my Grandfather's church even though times have changed. I pray for my beloved Ram, the other delegates, the nominated candidates for all the positions, and my beloved LCMS.

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