Thursday, July 15, 2010

This busy week

Ram left for Houston very early Saturday morning and won't be home until Saturday night. We spent Saturday doing tasks around the house. On Sunday, my dad led 3 services for our tri-parish while Ram was gone. We planned to go out to lunch, but the place we chose was closed so we came home and ate a simple lunch here.
On Monday, we went to the Watertown, SD zoo in the morning. My parents visited some friends in Brookings, SD while the Lambs and I went to a Looper family for the afternoon. I'll post pictures from Monday later.
On Tuesday, we spent most of the day in front of the computer watching the Live Stream from the LCMS Synodical Convention in Houston. At lunch time my dad said a very nice prayer to help my mom and I as all we could think about was the convention. I put the Lambs down for rest time and we tuned in for the election of the president. I don't know what I expected, but when Harrison was announced as the winner, it was such a somber and serious announcement. We didn't expect Harrison to win on the first ballot and we also thought the election would be extremely close. You can watch the election and Harrison's speech here. I have watched it several times since Tuesday and I notice something new each time. Ram said that several people at the convention cried-the room was filled with tension waiting for the election and that tension was broken when Harrison was announced. I liked Harrison's speech because he began with Scripture and also that he commended Kieschnick. I was very glad the convention sang the Doxology and stood up several times to thank Kieschnick and his family.
On Wednesday, my mom did not feel well and my dad was trying to do some handyman tasks around the house so I did everything with the Lambs by myself. We went to library storytime and also went to the grocery store. I know that many moms take all their children to the grocery by themselves all the time, but I don't do that very often. When we do our major shopping Ram is along and when we just need a few things then either Ram or I go by ourselves. I had WIC to get plus other groceries. Shopping was not bad, but the paying was-Lamb 3 almost fell out of the cart and Lamb 2 ran off. We survived and then I made chili, cornbread, and non-alcoholic watermelon drinks for dinner. No one had a nap because of library time and Lamb 2 fell asleep while we read bedtime stories. Bedtime routine was a lot easier without Lamb 2. I then saw what the Lambs had done while I was cooking supper-our living room had just about every piece from their card and board games out and several other toys too. I was exhausted last night after doing everything with the Lambs plus cooking supper. I'll be so glad when Ram is home and we get back to our routine and Ram does most of the cooking again!
Today we plan to tune into the convention while we do tasks around home. There is swimming with our early childhood group tonight-it should be interesting without Ram since 2 Lambs had swim lessons and don't want to be in the baby pool any more, but Lamb 3 still needs to be in the baby pool.
This week has gone very fast and I've just been doing daily tasks here of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and taking care of the Lambs. I haven't done anything on my to-do list that I hoped to get done while my parents could watch the Lambs. Oh well, the Lambs have had a fun time this week and we'll be back to our regular routine next week when Ram is home.


Sue said...

You're almost through the week! Congratulations on holding it together. You're in my prayers as you do things a bit differently this week.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

It is busy without Dad at home! Dan's at the youth gathering right now, won't be home until next Thursday. I've been thinking of you this week!