Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well Visit Checkups

Yesterday we took the Lambs for their yearly checkups at their doctor 1 1/2 hours away. We had scheduled and rescheduled these appointments for several months before it worked for both our family and the doctor to not be on call or on vacation.
Lamb 1: Almost 6 1/2 years old
46 1/2 inches
about 50th percentile for height
42.6 lbs
about 20th percentile for weight
Lamb 2: 4 years old
42 inches
about 75th percentile for height
37.2 lbs
about 50th percentile for weight
Lamb 3: 2 years old
33 3/4 inches
about 10th percentile for height
22 lbs 14 oz
not on chart for weight

We discussed all this with the doctor. He is not concerned because all 3 Lambs continue to grow, just not as fast as other children. We will go back in one year for Lamb 2 and 3 and two years for Lamb 1. Lamb 2 will get immunizations next year. No Lambs needed any immunizations this year.
Lamb 1 does the best eating. He often eats as much as Ram. Lamb 2 loves milk (both rice and cow's milk) and usually does pretty well eating. Lamb 3 is really picky, but he will eat a whole bowl of black bean dip all by himself. It took awhile to explain Lamb 3's eating habits to the doctor.
Ram and I discussed their weights on the way home. Our family eats healthy overall with a few treats. We only eat out on days like yesterday. We don't ever eat frozen pizza or pick up a pizza on the way home. Our boys don't eat school lunches. Ram and I were both very thin as children. We aren't concerned about any of them, not even Lamb 3 who isn't on the chart.
After the doctor we did a little shopping and had gyros for lunch. Then the Lambs had their photos taken at Sears. Then we did grocery shopping and headed home to have homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Because their doctor appointments were at 9:30am, we were able to do everything and start home by 3:30pm. It was nice to get everything accomplished but also be home for dinner instead of eating out twice. The Lambs were in bed before 8pm. I was able to put all the groceries away before I went to bed.

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Joelle said...

You guys are so healthy - we're bad. Eat out at least once a week (often on the way back from church, maybe another time for fun or when I'm doing errands. We eat all sort of prepacked junk - didn't think of pizza as being that bad, though!
Kids and weight - Audrey will be 5 in 6 weeks, she is still 31 lbs! Timothy is almost 8 months, and is 21 lbs! Funny kids!